My Star Buy Of The Day

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  • No problem....but dont ask me to do the ironing....i would rather walk over broken glass all the way to makes me shudder at the thought of doing that job

  • No I'm not an ironer, that's what body heats for :D are you on top of the moors? for good quality gusts to dry the whites ? or will freshly washed items be placed on heather to dry? only joking, think you should get used to the trusty machine prior to the burden of taking in. Got to say two squid is a mega bargain, happy mondays :D

  • I got a wonder washer from a charity shop, looks a bit like that. I use ecoballs in mine so no need to rinse the clothes after washing em. I paid £4.50 - £2 a bargain yay :)

  • we have a wonder wash too .... they are great, make washing much easier, don't use much water or ecover and actually get stuff quite clean ..... you still have to wring everything out after tho ......well worth looking out for tho as they are not that easy to find.

  • You are so lucky; I've been wanting something like this for ages, but the Wonderwash ones that occasionally come up on Ebay always go for silly prices. Will have to keep a look out around my local charity shops.

  • Wow great find! £2, crazy! So how long do those washers take to do a load? I bet they build up the arm muscles!

    :eek:Now you've got me thinking, barrel mounted on giant spring ;wash whilst driving or barrel horse mounted or take barrel in rucksac to fair. No think hand crank is safest, only end up with giant muscles on one arm; unless swop arms if crank is not handed therefore matched muscles, and clean laundry.:) I'm sticking to the much repaired silver machine and lanky arms