Felted masks?

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  • Any of you crafty people have any advice on making wet felted masks? I'm thinking I'd make the shape flat, and bigger than I want. I'm guessing I'd make it 3D while it's still wet but not soapy? Anyone have any tips?

    Thanks. x

  • I am trying to think of sensible things, mask making is cool (great to see people just sat there quiet with their masks drying on their face) but all I can think is MY GOD THAT WOULD BE ITCHY TO WEAR !

  • Hiya, you have to allow about 40% shrinkage with felt I think. Yeah I'd definetly wash out all the soap with hot water then use one of those cheap plastic face masks as a mould for the basic face shape, then adapt it to whatever kind of mask you're making. Yeah and I'd agree with Rowan about it being itchy lol, maybe you could line it with something.

  • Ahaha! Yes, that would be a bit uncomfortable! I didn't explain myself too well...I'm thinking more of something that'd go over your head, something like an animal totem head dress kind of thing. Your replies have inspired me though to think that I could probably rig something up to leave it on to dry.

    ThanQ :)

    When (if?) I manage it, I'll try and post a pic. x

  • No Nettle, I didn't. That is a real skin. I wouldn't work with skins. It's not my thing. I found the picture on line.

    I would avoid the female polystyrene head, unless the person going to wear it has a very small head, as those are usually quite a bit smaller than an actual head. The male ones are usually a bit closer to a real head size.

    Do you own or have access to any felting needles? If you do I would suggest buying a wig base and put it over a firm foam ball (the size of the head the finished item needs to fit and I would needle felt a base for the finished item to be wet felted onto. That would give you a strong base and the finished item would be easy to wear and keep on the wearers head.

  • Or you could felt flat sheets and then use them as if they were squares of fabric and cut and sew them as needed... that probably what i would do.. and needle felt thicker shapes and textures onto that...

  • I agree with Skully, I wouldn't try using a polystyrene head to make it on, (especially female ones) as they are too small, I learnt that through making a headdress from plaster cast, we had to balance it on my model's head for photos!