My summer crops :)

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  • Here's what I'll be having for dinner in late summer/autumn, providing the plants survive the rain and low temperatures!

    Runner beans (built a bamboo/polythene wigwam cover for these today)






    And cucumbers, though I've lost a lot of these. There's still quite a few seedlings growing though, they look like this;

    I've made a set on Flickr with older photos included, as well as more recent ones. :)…3/sets/72157630209878208/

  • They look grrrrrreat!

    I always seem to have problems keeping mine alive, so just have a herb garden much to my dismay. Peppers, toms, lettuce and carrots all struggled with growth and died last year. :curse:

  • Cheers! I'm going to plant carrots and some more cucumbers later once it stops raining long enough for me to sort out some more compost and extend the polythene shelter.

  • What a lovely spread! I wish my wife and I were more green-fingered. We've tried herbs with not much success. I'm not sure if we're courageous enough for anything larger. But your veggies look delicious!

  • Sadly the slugs had all of mine this year:( I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not meant to grow veg as I managed to get an allotment last year, had barely started to work on it when I sprained my ankle so badly it's taken the best part of year for it to get back to nearly normal and now I can't dig. So when we turn the concrete yard into a garden next year, it will be some flowering shrubs and climbers that attract bees and butterflies, soft fruit and herbs. With maybe some tomato and courgette plants between the herbs.

    Your stuff looks lovely Olly.

  • Awesome, thanks muchly for sharing these photos mate. This is an area I'm definitely wanting to venture into at some point, but I'm totally clueless at the moment. Is it possible to take some of the seeds from the plants as they grow and reuse them each year?

  • Thank you all. :)

    Pantheist; it depends on the plant in question. Some seeds can last several years, others will not and will likely need to be fresh each year. It's worth looking up each plant to find out whether its seeds will last or not.

  • My radishes got munched by radish root maggot last year and my squash and courgettes wiped out by powdery mildew:cry:

    Haven't had a chance for doing much this year so just have a few cauli's and runner beans. Hoping to do more next year :)

  • I have some veggies growing on my balcony, but I'm worried if they'll survive all the rain and lack of warmth up here..! I would love some sun! My peas look lovely though, growing all around the balcony banisters :D

  • Flickr appears to be down, for anyone that tried looking recently.

    That's great, Bloem! I worried about that too, but they're doing fine so far. The polythene cover helped shelter them from the rain and kept a bit of heat in and they've really flourished quite a bit more for a day or so each time we've had a good day. I think they'll turn out fine, but maybe not as well as I hoped.

  • I munched on a radish today; picked, rinsed, prepared and eaten within a minute or two. Yum yum. :)

    Pssh, that's not fresh :p Nothing wrong with just brushing the mud off them and biting off just below where the bulb meets the leaf (though obviously if there's slug bait in use then... yeah don't do that :p)

    Been a while since I've had radish actually, that's given me an idea. Is it too late to start with them?

  • Excellent crops there :D

    My efforts this year was totally ruined. Got my seeds going all nice then we had that warm spell when it hit 32c outside, where my seedlings were in the greenhouse - guess the temp topped 50c in there which cooked them off pronto. Then the weather went to the dogs and the spuds in the ground rotted. Peas were eaten by the pests. Can't win so given up for the year - at least I got some onions going and rhubard heaven (seems to be going nuts in this wet weather)

    And with the thoughts of me moving away from the area as well with my gear in tow I didn't want to do much to be honest.

    As long as my hens get watered and fed I ain't bothered about gardening at the moment now.

  • I reckon you're probably good to plant some now Will, but there won't be tonnes of time left to do so. :P

    Cheers Leo! It seems pretty good for pests here at the moment, my crops haven't suffered them yet. Hope it stays that way!

  • god for a guy your age your good,igot an allomemt at 33 it was along time,a lot of reading before i got the basics.but once you get it the rest just comes.i loved it built a shack complete with wood burner,lived down their 3 days a week in the summer.lost my legs 1 year ago so had to give it up.wife drove me down last month,shacks gone all land over grown,councils planning to build on land but they will have a bit of afight on with the old boys,sorry if i put you on a downer.gongorde the great:eek: