Terrible Hayfever

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  • Some thing so common and usually simple to treat, but not with me! I've tried every thing from my chemist to local honey and natural ways. I now have an eye infection resulting from the hayfever that has made my cheek swell and is sore. My nose is blocked 4 days now but is also streaming! i've sneezed so much its hurt my neck and Wednesday convinced it brought my asthma attack on! off to GP later hopefully he'll understand. It's horrid i can't wear make-up and feel louzy :(

  • You poor thing, severe hayfever is really nasty, grass pollen is usually the culprit at this time of year, and it's the most allergenic pollen type.

    I'm assuming if you've tried everything from the chemist, then you've tried Beconase? That will prevent you from developing sinusitis due to your allergies (though from the sound of it, you've already got sinusitis and probably need antibiotics :(). I keep hayfever away by taking Loratadine (Clarityn) which takes a build-up to work, but is effective long-term. I also keep Opticrom eyedrops for when my eyes get sore/watery, have you tried them?

    Other tips (that you've probably heard before) are to keep all doors and windows shut, wear wraparound sunglasses when out and about and shower when you get back in, dry your clothes indoors, and smear vaseline around the inside of your nostrils to catch the spores (not pleasant, but it works!)

    Good luck at the docs :hug:

  • Poor you sounds like you are having a bad time, as Elfie sez sunglasses do work on two levels (barrier and intense light), vasliene is good to although I used to prefer vick prob against medical advice. I also used chapstick on my eye lids. Also wash your face regularly to remove pollen, and do not forget that a lot of pollen is released at night. Know how miserable it is I really suffered badly for a couple of years in my mid twenties, I went to the docs and challenged them to find a stronger anti histmine which they did (fexofenadine hydrochloride) and a nassal spray. So hopfully you will get lucky .

  • I don't understand why they don't routinely offer the intermuscular injections, that I was given over 40 years ago. Has anyone else had these injections? They are a course of three injections per year, straight out of the fridge, into the arse cheek. I think it was a week in between each injection. The injections were allergy specific to the individual. In my case grass pollen. Worked a treat on me and after a few years of treatment, I could get away with half a dozen anti histamine pills. For the last 20 years, I think I have bought one packet of hayfever pills and only had a few out of that packet for good measure. Before the injections, I was near hospitalization with severe hayfever symptoms. Ok, it did take about 10 years in total for me to suffer no more than a few days a year.

  • I've heard of those injections - my brother's had them, or at least something similar (didn't ask whether it was in his buttocks or not!). He always had severe hayfever but they gave him the jabs because of his job.

  • i am a fan of homeopathy for treating hayfever. I've had it all my life and tried all sorts, special inhalers, nasal sprays, eye drops and pills. Sunglasses and homeopathy have kept me relatively symptom free, for the last 4 years. The vaseline trick is brilliant too :thumbup:
    Huge hugs to you all, its miserable x x x x x

  • Oh, they banned the injections at the GPs' surgeries because there is a risk of anaphylactic shock. It has to be administered in a hospital environment, with a crash trolley standing by!

  • Oh, they banned the injections at the GPs' surgeries because there is a risk of anaphylactic shock. It has to be administered in a hospital environment, with a crash trolley standing by!

    :eek: I've been put on my arse more times with illegal[STRIKETHROUGH]better[/STRIKETHROUGH] street drugs, to let anything like that stop me. If they do still do the injections at the hospital. I can only promote taking them up on the offer.