Urgent and a long shot- can anyone help?

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  • an idiot has left it ONE BLOODY DAY to find a home for a female gsd. it is a long shot but can anyone here in wales area help out with this?

    this is his email (he is "too busy" to contact shelters ffs)

    "hi i am still offering this dog to a good home unfortunately no time to sort out rescue centre etc as has to be gone by weekend this is not for me its for a familly friend ,, the gsd is a female and is approx 8 months to a year old has been brought up in a house with children and other dogs needs plenty of attention as is very playfull but is also easily bored "

    i have contacted a couple of shelters but thought that i would maximise chances by posting here. please contact asap if you can help.

  • To allow this thread to continue would be against a policy we agreed a couple of years ago.

    While we sympathise, we do have genuine reasons for this and to turn a blind eye would be unfair on anyone else wanting to do the same.


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