Non GMO seed sources?

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  • Has anyone got any reliable seed sources online? (mainly herbs, small veg, that kind of thing)

    Don't have much room to grow, but wanting it to be non gmo non the less.


  • OK.... I think I made a wrong heading.

    I was mislead by someone saying that if you bought seeds from (example) ASDA or Tesco, that they were horror seeds. Someone else has disagreed with that statement and told me all is fine, but to look for heirloom seeds.

    SO, instead, if anyone reads this again... could you just recommend me reliable sources with lots of choice etc?

  • Google is your friend...I think most of the seed companies will have old varieties too, the home grow market is very different from the commercial market as the end product is different. Growers want good tasty food, not uniform size and shelf life.

  • Cheers... yeah, I've done a bit of searching, just wondered if anyone had any personal favourite sites with tons of variety and cheapest really.

    Need a good selection of herbs and small veg plants, indoors or out, as I'm pretty limited on space at the moment :(

    I'm new to growing from seed.

  • You might even be in luck if you try your local garden centre. A lot of the herb and veg seed packets at the garden centre I used to work in had at least one organic option among them. You won't have the large choice of varieties you find with the non-organic ones, but you should be able to find something. If not just google. Even some of the big seed companies like Suttons and Thompson & Morgan have some organic choices on their sites.