What to do 18th-22nd June? Any ideas?

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  • I was supposed to go to Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice, but I learned now that its not easy to camp around there. I have these days off work and want to do SOMETHING - any kind of festival or gathering. Any ideas?

  • I am heading to sunrise festival in Somerset for the 21st - 24th. I also know that there is a great celebration at the salisbury centre in edinburgh, geodome and all!! good luck, happy solstice when it comes

  • went to stonehenge last year just for the night and it was really good. thinking about going to avebury this year, too... who has been to avebury for the summer solstice in the past? is it more relaxed than stonehenge?


  • Avebury is great over the Solstice though nigh on impossible to park a car and/or van in the immediate area!! I get the bus from Oxford via Swindon....There is a grassy section off the main car park the National Trust usually allow for camping on the morning of the 20th and for a couple days after. I have traveled there around Solstice the past couple of years. Last year i was hanging around for two days prior then was offered a lift to Stonehenge for Solstice proper- couldn't refuse! For all it's madness i love going to Stonehenge at Summer Solstice. It's a special vibe at Avebury though, mellower, more relaxing than Stonehenge with the added bonus of the Red Lion Pub...Stayed in Avebury over Solstice two years ago when it was nice n sunny...Lotsa people turn up, drummers, fire jugglers etc....

    Oh yeah, immediately after Solstice this year i'm off to Sunrise Celebration....