one pot camping meals needed

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  • Has anybody got any good meals i could make to take with me this weekend?The fridge we usually borrow has bust so i thought id make up some one pot wonders to take.daughter told me she doesn't want my neverending soup this time! so other than stew,my minds gone blank.Any suggestions? Thanks x

  • We don't have a fridge and there's ten of us we go for two weeks
    I take a cool box with stuff in and lots of pasta and rice
    With sauces in jars
    Pasta with tinned tomatoes
    Is there a local shop were your going
    You can take cereals etc and buy milk
    Beans on toast

  • Roasted Netles are good, nettle tops are fresh this time of year too.
    only thing you need too be aware of is have the nettles been sprayed with any weed killer, check with the campsite owners.


  • There is always beer in our van!Yeah,weve got pasta and beans and stuff in,just fancied making up a couple of pots of something tasty,so i can enjoy the festival fun without being stuck cooking!Got a nice recipe for butter bean and chorizo stew.sounds good with some wild garlic too x

  • Chop up some sausages and some bacon, throw them in the pot with a little oil to Brown and a chopped onion and some garlic if you like. When the onions are soft and the sausages are Brown, throw in a tin or two of chopped tomatoes, then throw in a couple of tins of haricot beans or any other bean that takes your fancy. Let it all stew for a bit then eat it, with crusty bread if you have any. Clean the pot with the last of the bread. Sorted.

  • Egg noodles and blue dragon sauce, totally not healthy wholesome, but bloody good eating !:D

    Chilli is easy as well. Tin of tomatoes tin of kidney beens a wee bit water and an onion added to the mince of your choice (venison mince is my fave) then chuck in a Schwartz chilli con carne mix. Magic, Just add some flat bread and beer

  • [quote='Change','']Egg noodles and blue dragon sauce, totally not healthy wholesome, but bloody good eating !:D

    I had that last night but with cheap supermarket noodles 3 packs about 10p each well nice.

  • You don't really need a fridge for a w/e camping unless you are storing fish or mince. a cool box if fine and evenwithout that it not a problem.

    The best meal my partner has cooked while camping was a seafood laksa, we only has the seafood out of the fridge for about 12 hr and it was in the center of our backpacks but a veggy one would be just as good.

    fish balls
    pak choi
    udon noodles
    laksa paste
    coconut milk
    hard boiled egg.

    This was a massive meal, I'm no food photographer but here it is…nt=Tommys_pictures010.jpg

  • take soya mince as a dry ingredient, brown off the onions in the pot, add the mince and water which will reconstitute the mince, add tinned peas and chopped tinned carrots, then top off with instant mash made up with some hot water for a one pot shepherds pie.
    sausages fried in a pot then a packet mix batter added and cooked with the lid on with some instant gravy makes a nice toad in the hole (would help if you had an oven for that one, but putting the lid on sort of works).