Can I tow a caravan with a crappy old van?

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  • Hello playmates,

    I have been really busy writing off my new/used isuzu trooper, managing to drive it into a wall at 40 mph... It's completely fecked.. Anyway, realised that when the recovery peeps took it away to some compound that.... How the hell am I going to tow our caravan that is now vehicle-less? We have to move on at the weekend which we have procured a borrowed land rover for but the question is: what do we do long term? Whilst waiting for insurance tricksters to give us some money, we have a clapped out old Volkswagen LT28 high top camper van. It's 1981 born, got a 2.2 ish straight 6 petrol engine in it, has no acceleration to speak of, it just kind of "goes along"...will it tow a very old, very heavy Tabbert? Any ideas?

  • Depends on your van's maximum tow weight which should be listed on a plate somewhere - on my transit it's at lower door level on the passenger side. I reckon you should be ok with most caravans with that sort of van. Maybe try and avoid very steep hills.

  • Check your insurance policy and also give them a call to see if you are entitled to a hire motor at your insurers expense, you will be surprised what they dont tell you what you are entitled to !!!

  • Ok so this is all good so far.... Encouraging, even. I don't actually have a tow bar on the van as yet but that's not too much hassle to arrange... Thanks for the advice so far, will def check courtesy car thing, could save some hassle... And will check the tow limit on the plate. Bloody good advice.

  • Should tow it, wouldn't want to do it every day though! Probably drop a few gears on hills, but that's what a gearbox is for. I would imagine it will be well heavy on petrol though...

  • Our 1989 LT 28D, now a daily runner with Beetroot, had a standard and very low ratio first gear (compared with our previous T3 1.6 TD). I always thought how good the LT would be for towing, albeit slow with no turbo. I suspect it will make a juicy petrol LT even more so..... :hippy::thumbup:.

  • Cool, have read all and digested thoroughly... Am thinking my LT should pull our caravan after reading other peoples experiences, so am going to give it a try. I'm not sure it will go up a steep hill though, it barely gets up hills as it is! It also doesn't seem to have brakes, even though it always passes the MOT.. Really don't want to get an upgrade as we adore her... I dunno. After writing off my Trooper last week I have realised how important it is to have something that is safe to be in and I think our LT was ok when there was just two of us. A heart rending decision has to be made now.. :-(

  • LOL I once went over the brow of a steep hill while towing a caravan with my old transit v4, I saw the roundabout at the bottom of the hill 1/4 mile away, and the car coming down the other side indicating right, stood on the brakes at the top of the hill and couldnt get enough braking to get the caravan brake to cut in, sailed straight through the roundabout, missed the car turning right, he beat me to the roundabout - that was transit drum brakes for you.