Help advice needed, wheel on caravan seized

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  • Hi playmates,

    I'm supposed to be off on my adventure tomorrow, thought the seized near side wheel of my twin axle caravan was prob just nothing complicated. Have googles the possibilities and it could be a wheel bearing. How fucking utterly dreadful is that. So I'm asking: could it be a seized wheel bearing and if it is, how the shag am I supposed to fix it? Any ideas? Will be gutted if I can't go tomorrow. :-(

  • more likely to be the brake seized on, check the brake lever moves freely, may just take a knock from a hammer to free it, though you will really want it working or the caravan will be harder to stop.

  • Several times I've left my car long enough for the breaks to sieze on, pushed or driven it back and forth until it clunked and was ok, hammer was my last resort (mostly because I don't have one). I am no mechanic, but try not to panic, google has not seen the problem and there's no need to worry unnecessarilly. Just attempt a contingency plan incase you have to leave on your adventure a little later. Think of something positive that might come of leaving a little later or of spending some exptra time on your caravan :).

  • Good good, am feeling more positive already... I shouldn't have googled it really, bit like googling your symptoms isn't it... You start with a head ache, could be stress... Could be plague! Am interested in the brake stuck on theory but only one wheel is seized, do all the wheels have individual brakes then? I know nothing about towing caravans, I just live in it. It's a tabbert, nineteen eighty something.... We have to go cos we can't live where we are anymore, it's not safe. We have been living in our van for the past week. I love our van but we all miss the caravan so much. Couldn't wait to start travelling... So annoying!!

  • Ok. Both wheels have brakes, which are connected. If it has been parked up with the brakes on, when you let them off its possible that one has seized on and not released. Rock it back and forth and clout the brake drum with a hammer and it should free itself, as has already been said. Tap it all around, you will hear when it frees itself and the springs snap the brake shoes back into place. Good luck.

  • Thanks Julian and everyone. I now remember, when I bought it I was towing it to our site and got all the way there with no probs, only a journey of 20 miles, the wheel seized at the bottom of our drive. I totally forgot about that, it was ages ago. Plus we weren't figuring moving it ever so it just went from my mind... Really hope it's just the brakes. Will find out tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

  • I've gone and bloody done it! Wheel was indeed seized so.... I just took it off, put the kids in the other car in the convoy and drove it off into the sunset. Wouldn't recommend it do don't try it at home but I had to get the caravan out of there before someone trashed it/set fire to it as threatened... So we have done it. Got to the site we have managed to convince the peeps there to let us stay till Monday, put the wheel back on and then.... Loud crack.... Wheel now works!! So the hardest part is done. We started our new life yesterday, cuddled up with the kids, round the fire in the evening with a take away and a bottle of red. Job done! I urge everyone to do it!!

  • Copper ease is lovely stuff, but even that doesn't wanna get on the brake shoes. But perfect for bleed nipples, wheel nuts, anything else that only gets touched occasionally. Maybe see you out there somewhere, have a good journey