Barefooters, hands up here!

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  • I go barefoot as much as poss. Although as ive got older my tootsies feel the cold more!! But nothing better that feeling the ground beneath my feet. I'll even drive barefoot.

  • I'd love to go barefoot, but I had the 2nd toe on my right foot amputated in 2009 and I sometimes get a little self concious about it. Doesn't help that I'm diabetic and have fairly severe nueropathy in my feet. Shame 'cos living here in Dawlish I'm on the beach nearly every day, got some nice shoes that I can walk in the sea wearing and not get too filled with gravel etc

  • Lovely morning. Left the house at 7am and walked to Moseley to have an early breakfast at Wetherspoons. A pleasant 6 mile walk, barefoot with no problems. Breakfast in pub with a couple of friends - no problem. Had to go elsewhere so caught a bus. Big problem. Arsy bus driver informed me it was illegal for me to be unshod on the bus (in his pidgeon English). After some altercation I travelled on the bus. What made me chuckle the driver was more interested in looking at my feet than driving lost control mounted the pavement and demolished a litter bin. Went on my merry way - shopping and then went to visit my friend, all without further problem. Now I've had problems with shops an such for a number of years but only just recently on a bus!

  • I started experimenting with it after I saw a BBC documentary about how running shoes are naff and it might actually be better to jog barefoot. Haven't done the jogging yet, but I walked barefoot around my caravan site and down into the village shop. It's amazing the feeling of feeling the ground as you walk. I suppose it's the difference between stroking a particularly good piece wallpaper with gloves and without... having said that, I think I need time for my feet to get used to it. It's not too comfortable on bumpy concrete.

  • Done it once, this year at a festival thanks to inspiration from a training herbalist. Has some merit. I reckon I will be evangelising like the best of them this time next year.

  • I went barefoot at BDs fest this year because I was already in Crocs and they were getting lost in the ankle-deep bits. I do barefoot a bit, usually, if I'm off doing my own thing. But I've wrecked my toenails (I've picked them cuz I'm stressed and they look horrid) so I don't like to get my feet out now.

  • I was stopped by the police the other night. The reason? They stopped me because I wasn't wearing shoes! They asked me my name , address, if I lived alone, had I been in trouble with the police before? (made me think am I in trouble with the police now?) After them doing a "check" on me they said sorry for stopping me , it was just a routine thing. They then spent the next Five minutes asking me questions on how often I go barefoot, where and what reactions I get from people. I think the real reason they stopped me is because they were either bored or just plain nosey. The ironic thing about the whole episode is just some Fifty yards away from where I was stopped a group of "youthes" were drinking cans of beer under a sign saying "this is an alcohol restricted area police have powers to confiscate". Funny, they never stopped and questioned them. I'm fed up up of being singled out for being individual :(

  • Love going barefoot, it's great for your heath too, grounding to our home. My only problem is I have a hang up about my feet. Now they're not ugly or anything and I don't have any scabs, athletes foot etc but they're really slim for a man and all other men I see barefoot have nice wide feet as men should. When I go on holiday I'm not so paranoid, amazing what a tan can do.

  • I go barefoot sometimes, I'm working my way up to going fulltime! I have dodgy hips (PGP in all my pregnancies that never went away) and I find that barefooting reaaly helps with my alignment and I consequently have less pain. I'm saving up for some decent barefoot shoes to wear for when true barefooting isn't an option.

  • I Love going barefoot but only do it at home, I worry about stepping in Dog mess or similar (and glass) although last night when i n my garden I managed to step on ( and squish) a slug... shudder!! I encourage my kids to get their shoes off at every oppourtunity!

    probably tmi but I find I have really hard skin on my feet and I always assumed it was because I never have shoes on... what do you guys do to look after your feet? x

  • I Love going barefoot but only do it at home, I worry about stepping in Dog mess or similar (and glass) although last night when i n my garden I managed to step on ( and squish) a slug... shudder!! I encourage my kids to get their shoes off at every oppourtunity!

    probably tmi but I find I have really hard skin on my feet and I always assumed it was because I never have shoes on... what do you guys do to look after your feet? x

    Hi Tamar.
    You've no need to worry about stepping in anything "nasty", just look where you're going. As for for glass, it is very difficult to cut your feet on broken glass or other sharp objects, The soles of the feet are quite tough as the planter skin is quite thick. By going barefoot regulaly the skin on your soles get thicker. you don't lose any feeling but you are able to walk on more rough surfaces without feeling any pain. If you do come across rough surfaces like gravel or broken tarmac then tread carefully by walking with your body weight balanced forward ( ie walk by putting your toes/ball of your foot to the ground first - that way if you do do step on something sharp it won't dig into your heel!)

    Hard skin isn't caused be being barefoot - quite the opposite. Shoes cause hard skin. I get some hard skin but that's because I have to wear shoes / boots in certain situations (like work). I use a dry pumice stone to rub away any dead skin. The only other thing I do is to wash my feet in soap and water or occasionally soak them in salty water - works for me!

    Great that you encourage your children not to wear shoes. Most small children will take off their shoes or clothing as a matter of instinct - it's us adults that tell them it's not acceptable.

    Happy barefooting!


  • The cold weather is here :( Poop, no more barefooting until Spring, this makes me sad. Admitidly im a fareweather barefooter though, saw some girl barefooting it through cardiff central station the other day, braver than me thats for sure! lol

  • First post!! I'm barefoot as much as possible, I thankfully don't have a job or circumstances that requires shoes. I'm confortable this way so this way I'll stay :)

  • When i was i kid it would be strange for me to wear shoes, i never wore them, id hate having to, when i had to go into town id hate it because it would mean id have to put on a pair of shoes, the kids in the neighborhood though i was a weirdo, but i didn't care cos i had a load of mad stuff to do. as i got older and had to integrate more into society i began to become used to wearing shoes, now i cant get up in the morning with out putting them on. i don't really miss it but i like being bare food when i can, at the beech or on grass is the nicest.

  • I do but I get very rough feet a lot, with random blisters and such :c i try to be barefoot as much as possible though, especially outdoors on the grass when its sunny

  • I absolutely love going barefoot - both from the freedom/connectedness point of view, and the sensual aspect.

    But it's just too damn cold this time of year in England :-( Kind-of makes me want to migrate, like the birds...

    Went walking in the woods at the weekend and took my boots off to climb a big old oak. Managed a whole day around the house and garden on Monday. Roll on summer! :-)

  • Always been barefooted in the house and garden, never in the town, I grew up in central Manchester, so stoney roads with lots of melted tarmac and dog pooh. Sadly, due to a collapsed arch (too many years in flip flops apparently) and my damaged knee I have to have an insole that puts my leg in the correct position which is working, but the muscle spasms when I take my boots off are pretty horrendous I find myself wearing my boots around the house now as well if I have to go back out again :O Solid floors in the house I am in now, means slippers are a must for the winter, we banned all carpets due to son No2 being bad with asthma as a wee one.