faking it or living a little

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  • This is a project I've been working on for a few years, and it suddenly hit me that perhaps a few people on here might have some additional material that I could use as part of my wider project of faking it in society.
    I haven't found the perfect name for it yet, it's either pimp your life, the lies no-one sees or something along those lines.

    It all started when I moved out of my rented flat and into my first boat a few years ago.
    just to obtain the boat in the first place meant I had to lie. Lie about my income, lie about a whole manner of things.
    then once on the boat I met many more people on my travels that had to do similarly to me and continue to do so.
    living slightly under the radar meant that to get anything done in society, meant having to lie, because the truth didnt fit the gap on the form I had to fill in, or the truth didn't give the right result. A simple lie, resulted in getting things done.

    the project moved on slightly to not only realising that society WANTS to see certain things and as long as you present that, fake though it may be, it is accepted without so much as a batted eyelid. The truth, the honest truth makes doors close in your face because it doesn't fit with societies model. So, when faced with a complete untruth, a so called person in authority fails to spot it, because they simply dont expect anything to be fake about the person in front of them. Some people, rather than necessity fake it for the buzz. They carry fake paperwork, fake ID's not because they have to, but because they love getting away with it. Much as a shoplifter does sometimes or someone who hacks computers.

    This has to be completely anonymous of course but I'd really like to hear anyone stories where they actually had a BUZZ from faking it. actually enjoyed being outside of society and pretending to conform to get something they want or need.
    such as: faking addresses, faking documents, paperwork, receipts, identity, marriage, gender, sexuality, age and so on.

    as a silly example, I rode through a red traffic light in the city of London, late at night when no traffic was around. two police on foot stepped out of the shadow of a building and stopped me.
    Now, if I had lied, I would have been on my way with a gentle ticking off and I would have caught my train and been home quickly.
    As it was, on that occasion I decided to tell the truth. sort of. They told me that they didnt have fine me or anything, but could just give me a verbal warning about not stopping at a red light.
    However, when they asked for my ID, I refused to give them any, saying I didn't have any on me, other than my train ticket and work security pass.
    I told them where I worked and that the address I was giving them was a correspondence address only. They then asked where I was living if not at the address I gave them, I smiled and told them, on a boat on the river somewhere not sure where yet as it was moved by the owner every other day and that I had to cycle down the tow path to find it. I joked, yes, I am a water gypsy. They said that it wasn't a politically correct thing to say. I said, yes but its the truth.
    They then got on the radio and were ready to arrest me because they weren't sure I was genuine. They verified who I was, my age, my address, how long I lived at the address, how long I lived away from the address and so on. I eventually got away with a fine and a telling off.
    If I had lied, if I had just said nothing, I would have got away without the fine.

    another example:
    I applied for a job as a man and as a woman, the man version of me got the interview.

    truth = trouble, a lie gets results.

    I would really like to hear more of the ways other people survive or get a buzz from being outside of the box, but pretending to all intents and purposes to be in it. It can be as legal or illegal as you like, everyone will be treated with utmost discretion.

    You can email me privately with your stories or examples or either how a lie made things work better or the truth caused mayhem!

    thanks for your help with this project, which I hope to turn into a book as well as an article for a magazine.

  • If I ever had to go for a "proper" job my CV would look appalling - I have huge gaps, unfinished education, time on the dole and all sorts of stuff that includes working in a sex shop, labouring on building sites, trading in street markets, chauffeuring celebrities and working for the paparazzi.

    Thankfully I don't need one at the moment, but if ever I did it would take a special kind of person to see my history and find me suitable. :D

    Therefore the CV I have reserved for such times is kind of embellished a little.

  • I considered buying a narrowboat and living on it some time ago. Talking to others doing the same in the area I realised that it was just too much trouble. As Varekai said, you need to lie about so many things as society doesn't like people who don't want to live by their rules. But who knows, the older I get the less I care about what society wants of me.

  • Personally I think lying is wrong in (mostly) any circumstance. I applied for job seekers allowance last year and I could have got some money if I said I was single. However I live with my partner so that wouldn't have been the truth. I didn't qualify for any money as they said that due to me living with my partner, it was his responsibility to pay my way as it were, even though we're not married. A lot of people I know told me to lie and say I was single but I just didn't feel comfortable with that-even though it meant things were VERY tight for several months.
    The example you gave here about driving through a red light-to be honest I think it was totally acceptable for you to get a fine. You broke the law and therefore you had to pay for it. I'm not saying you're a horrible person,I'm sure you're very nice, but if you break the law then you have to expect to pay for it otherwise its not fair.
    I'm all for people being different and living the way they want to, but faking documents, addresses and identity is illegal and I don't like it when people break the law. People lying about their circumstances only makes it harder for people who are honest.

    The bad thing about naked dancing is that not everything stops when the music does

  • this is so interesting, and i often think about this too, and have told little white lies to 'authority' from time to time to get what i want but it shouldnt have to be this way. Personally when it comes to CV's i cant see how anybody can be described on a peice of paper or when your filling in a form about yourself, but i confess i definately have been a bit of a fibber on the odd occasion! - just to make life easier

  • I'm just getting to the point of haing to lie now. I've been living in my camper since Feb but at the time I bought it, taxed and insured it I di have an address all be it a static caravan it did at least have a postcode. Now I'm living on the road and it's coming up to MOT and tax (again) I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with it. I do have afriend with a flat so I'm going t have to give that address I guess. I am trying to get a boat and I know afew people that live on them and they have similar roblems when it comes to claiming benefit, getting a job and insuring their cars. I was visited by the police one vening while I was parked up. They were fine with everything buthey did tell me to change my address on my locense....when I asked how I di that as my address was the van, they said they didn't know and I should speak to dvla! I haven't done that as yet.

  • Unfortunately our society is so rigid about certain aspects of life, you have no choice but to lie! I've had to fib about my life to get jobs, property etc...It's just a way of life, since 'case by case' is definitely something that doesn't happen anymore...

    I'm confused why you have to lie to get a boat though? It's always something I quite fancied..

  • I live on a boat and don't have to lie at all.......but it is difficult not having an address, I use my mum's as a care of but she lives in Kent and I'm in Staffordshire at the mo lol. I've just started a new job with the local council and they have been fab - they understand that I will move on and said I can have the job for as long as I want it. I cycle to work so having to moor on one stretch of waterway for a while is a problem but as long as I keep moving every few weeks should be ok, more of a problem in the summer than winter when we boaters tend to stay put Nov-March.

  • When I was in care in my early teens, I was severely and repeatedly abused by the staff and used to run away frequently. I'd jump trains to get away and, if caught, give a fake address because if I told them where I was living I'd get sent back there.

    People expect certain types of people to be a certain way - carers/parents to be caring, kids/teenagers to be liars etc ... these expectations tend to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. By categorising certain groups of society as less trustworthy, you force them to lie in order to survive.

    These days I only lie when my nan asks me if I've been going to church, but if I found myself in a situation where telling the truth would have severe consequences for me, whereas lying wouldn't hurt anyone, I would probably opt for the latter. Survival instinct ...

    It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

    Jiddu Krishnamurti