DAB radios?

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  • We are in great need of a DAB radio to keep us entertained while kitting out our new van (finally found one today :D ).

    Does anyone have one? and any ideas of best make? We need pretty good battery life and preferably with stereo speakers and mp3 aux input. We have seen a couple on amazon but have no experience of them...



  • I'm a complete luddite. Digital broadcasting is rubbish. :)

    I only say that because I can't get ANY signal on my boat, and have wasted the best part of £50 on high gain antennas.

    I only ever listen to radio 4 anyway, so the fuzzyness of analogue gives it a bit of a soothing character.

    We do radio 6 in the office. I HATE it.... ok, no I don't, it's pretty brilliant. If that was radio 1's playlist, there'd be a lot less stupid kids about who think people need to sound like robots to sing, and only ever talk about waving asses, and being cool.

    I'm cool though. My voodoo ray outguns their... whatever is popular. :)

  • I can't believe how much my little DaB drains my batteries....I don't have a tv,and its good to put on when I wanna listen to something other than my sounds...sometimes you get a good play on Radio4 extra,or some good stand-up..anythings better than the homogenized tripe on daytime,or Heart Fm!! I think you should be able to buy a radio which is impossible to tune into that station...yeah DaB isn't too bad :)

    I live on a sound lil Narrowboat with me dog.pagan and happy in my skin,single and chilled