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  • ...My name is Aaron, im 27 and live in Ipswich. I stumbled across this site upon doing some searches as, well quite frankly, im pretty fed up with life at the moment. Im fed up of working my balls off, always feeling tired, using what little time of the weekend i have to recover only to start off the week again. And for what? a rented house which costs me £600, bills bills and more bills, horrid local "yoofs" patrolling the streets, and constant but small irritants like problem neighbours etc etc i could go on! Ive been looking at alternate ways of living, something like buying a static caravan to live in permanently, or a tourer and move around my local area, and to be honest im astonished at how many people have gone down this road! Im just fed up, always feel knackered and worn down, and like i havnt found my place in life yet, or getting the most out of it!

    I dont know if anything will progress at the moment but i just thought id say hi, you all seem a real great bunch! any thoughts or advice then please comment!


  • :waves: Hiya Aaron and welcome...I'm a settled old git but there are plenty of people on here who live the life you're after and will give you advice.... :)

  • Hi Aaron, nice to meet you! I'm planning to live nomadically in the near future, I'm 21 and like you, don't see the point in the weird system most people are locked into :)

  • You sound like I felt just over a year ago. Renting a property is all bills, work and sweat to line the pocket of others. Step back and think about the other options. There are alternatives. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
    If you would like to read about my escape from the rental trap, then check out my blog


    I really am in a far better position now. I even get to save some money each week and I get to spend a lot more of what I earn on my family and myself.

  • Done it, seen it, been there and its brill. Way to go Aaron, although I'm a relatively settled ol' git now I certainly don't regret my wandering days, although, I'm probably freer now than I ever was. best of luck bud!

  • willcome home m8 this is the place to be if you want to break free from the rat race I am like you new to this site but it's the one to be on good luck :thumbup:

  • Thanks everyone for the really nice welcome! Means alot it does, can't believe I havnt found this site before! I hear what you are all saying, and yes we only live once. But, it's just making that change, breaking out of the rut, that seems to be the hardest thing to get my head around!

    Happy new year peeps!


  • Hi, welcome, yep, there are pros and cons to the nomadic life just like everything...but is the experience that will become a part of you...I say it's only a matter of time now that a seed has been planted...