How we are percieved by others

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  • I'll leave the semantics to others ;)


    I was actually evalutating myself a few days ago when catching up with this friend and realised that when meeting someone, I don't judge on the physical - I always have an intuitive feeling, and if I get to know the person further, I know that the intial impression is correct. I believe that we all have this ability but more often than not, people don't trust themselves. As an example, I know many, many women who have been wary of a man, dismissed their worries then ended up in unpleasant situations. It happens all the time. And how many times does hindsight play a part? "I knew I shouldn't have trusted them". It's all there.

    Your words are all too familiar Whirler, I have started to trust my own 'gut' feelings of intuition/sub conscious perception/ whatever quite a lot these days :).

  • Expand your understanding ;)


    in·tu·i·tion [in-too-ish-uhn, -tyoo-]

    1. direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension.

    2. a fact, truth, etc., perceived in this way.

    3. a keen and quick insight.

  • .....I thought the bit about "dick waving egos quite apt......its funny how one can sum up a shit load of dialogue into one sentence..people,are judgemental,probably something to do with genetics n stuff...

    I live on a sound lil Narrowboat with me dog.pagan and happy in my skin,single and chilled

  • I had a friend in the army. Looked like a square jawed, short haired, disciplined conformist, which is what he was. When he quit the army, he grew his hair, wore a bandana, chilled like you wouldn't believe and it took me ages to feel comfortable with his new look (and his new non-military attitude). Me? I dress smart, short hair, talk smart, play the part, get well paid but don't feel natural. When I retire, I will grow my hair and wear a bandana (maybe a virtual one). Appearances matter. Principles are mighty fine but they can cost, so I play the game. It's not a huge deal to me.