Charity Shoppers! Pics of your bargains :D

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  • Awesome finds at the local bar boot sale!

    Old engraved metal chinese tea caddy (has tea leaves in it still!) & brass buddha head - £5 each
    Chopsticks! 60p (I put these in my hair, looks ace!)

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  • This is a great thread I love charity shops and carboots too enjoying everyones pics - my bestest bargain was my pyrex carnaby pattern dinner service, plates, bowls, small bowls, gravy boat and saucer, sugar bowl and milk jug, butter dish with original 69p price ticket on, cups and saucers all for £6 from a charity shop. Will post a pic when I can. I love it and it's the same as we had when I was at home. It takes up loads of room on the boat but is used every day:)