Green Gathering 2012

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  • Delighted to confirm that the GreenGathering2012 is confirmed.... tickets on sale now - escalator fashion. December 65, January 70, february 75 etc...

  • Is there dates for this??? I am planning a trip over for a month next year and would love to plan it around some sort of a gathering or Festival or something I could attend while I am there!

  • Hahaha I just noticed the dates at the very top shame as flights are way to expensive over the summer I have to go either in the spring or fall when they are cheaper


  • Things looking good for the Green Gathering. We have just signed a 3 year contract with the Chepstow site so after last years Gathering which reignited the spark we can put down roots for the next few years and get back on the calender. If anyone still has a unused ticket from 2009 we will honour it for this year. We are operating a 'Ticket Escalator' whereby the tickets go up by £5 each month. So in January they are £70 and free for kids under 10. We are in the process of booking speakers and bands. So far Simon Fairlie, Editor of the brilliant Land magazine, all about land rights and low impact development in the UK, will be speaking, Jonathan Cainer astrologer and Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed will be showing his film 'The Crisis of Civilisation'. More to come, the website is and it will be on 2nd -5th August over the full moon in 2012.

  • Went to a planning meeting about this a few days ago and it's looking really good... More to see and do this year, a bit of site-plan shuffling to make best use of the space (what an amazing space it is too!)... There'll be a permaculture area, tipi circle, big healing area, gorgeous forest grotto, tons of kids/teens stuff, sauna, herbal medicine, great traditional crafts area, Transition zone, speakers' forum, green technology, a few intimate venues and stages including Small World and (of course) Weirdigans... and all powered by sun, wind and cycle :) Will probably have to update again soon with all the things I've missed but I'd definitely recommend getting tickets before the end of March (they go up in price every month). See ya there!

  • Workin' on it steveziggy ;) Here's the bits I know about:

    Weirdigans Cafe will be providing organic fare in a carpeted Bedouin tent beside the Ideal Dome Exhibition: both venues are solar powered and lit with low energy LEDs. At the Ideal Dome there'll be wizards on hand to teach young and old about 12-volt electrics, light emitting diodes and how to build geodesic structures. In Weirdigans you'll find freshly prepared food, a friendly welcome and spontaneous entertainment... including "LEDisco" - a solar-powered semi-secret venue for silly dancing to soul, funk and disco for a couple of hours either side of midnight.

    In the Campaigns area there will be information and discussion about the global Occupy movement. Issues raised during this year of protest - including social and economic injustice and the culpability of big business in environmental disasters - will be explored in the Speakers' Forum. Poetry performances and Festival Assemblies will highlight what's wrong with the world... and what we can do to put it right.

    Practical, ethical solutions will be found in the Transition zone, Permaculture area and around the festival. The Green Gathering 2012 will be a showcase of ecologically-sensitive alternatives. From renewable energy to herbal medicine, wood-fired saunas and traditional crafts, there'll be engaging and interactive workshops and spaces to explore.

    Hope that helps?!

  • wow i love caring for the with other, liberal, like minded people, why not just be kind to the world i always ask myself? and my peers, they often look at me funny but i say this: "if you want to die from global warming then fine, but i wont go down without a fight" and what a way to fight- peacfully..... in a place where i can dance and trip outtttttttt!!

  • Went looking for the thread for this wonderful event and couldn't find it! Thought I'd better start one!!!

    The Green Gathering is happening 2nd to 5th August near Chepstow on the most gorgeous site overlooking the Severn Bridge (just into Wales).

    Ticket sales are ticking over (:pp bad pun I know) and are currently £95 per adult, £50 for 10-16 year olds and under 10s are FREE.

    "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well" Mother Julian of Norwich

  • I'd love to go but I can't get anyone to watch the dogs over those dates. I wish they still allowed animals in (though I understand why they and most other festivals don't nowadays).

    I've been tripping from sipping the dripping dirty water tap,
    i've been thinking i'm drinking too many drinks all by myself.
    I've been poking a voodoo doll that you do not know I made, for you, of you.

  • I would love to go too.. much too much for me at this moment in time :(

    Do the tickets come up second hand at all?

  • Tickets good value for what you get though.

    They are still looking for volunteers and stewards.
    Possibly the kids area could still use some muscle? pm me if you think you could help with that one.

    I never been to a festival on this scale so I wouldn't know to be honest. Do you know what help they need and what is expected for the free ticket?

  • Sounds great but works out a fair wack of money for me theres us two adults one child at eleven and two at nine and three, we would welcome the chance to work/volunteer and may get a reduction in ticket price? We have skills he is a carpenter and handy at many other things, myself have an up to date enhanced police clearance for working with little ones, my 11 year old daughter is fantastic at Art face painting henna designs etc (any way if you don't ask you never know lol) xXx