migraine and preventatives- pls help

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  • I am hoping somebody can help here- I am on my THIRD migraine in a week and am averaging two a week at the moment. I used to get one a month, two if v unlucky.
    I use imigran on script and anti-puke drug metaclopromide ( which I am currently out of)
    The imigran. Usually works if I catch it at the first symptoms, ie zigzags, start of headache etc but it is a dangerous drug acting on blood vessels and I am having to use a lot.
    What I am asking is this: do any of you use a preventative (herbal or otherwise ) and if so what? How do you manage migraine?
    I have a two year old and other health probs and these are flooring me.
    Thanks and sorry if disjointed (on phone and half blind with headache)

  • hey :-) I get migraines pretty much constantly and would love to talk to you about it are you on msn or facebook so we could chat?

  • keeping your chin up and soldiering on is often at the root of a flare up...be honest...are you doing that?

    (i had migraines for years and years and could write a book)

  • Yep pumpkin I am, am a bit stuck with a sprog but I do have help some days. I have ME and a knackered pelvis too so need to rest more. Today sprog is out until about 6 and I will rest.
    How did you manage yours (and when will you write your book? :p )
    Fairy I will pm you as soon as I can see better
    ty both

  • it finally stopped being a problem when i addresses the personality traits which were making me soldier on - i still get them from time to time now and they are a good diagnostic tool for me slipping back into my old ways...

    have a long hard look at yourself - the pain is your body trying to tell you something - probably something you know in the heart of you but are squashing (could be a learnt behaviour which worked for a while a long time ago and now is causing trouble)

    for example with me it was confidence and being assertive - i would shy away from confrontation and internalise any negativity through fear of being attacked - a self preservation trait learnt in childhood which as an adult didnt work - my fierce spirit was screaming at me to change but i squashed it so much it manifested as migraine triggers

    now i know i will always be prone to them but i can manage my relationships so the triggers are far fewer

  • I've gone through phases of having them a few times a week, it's not fun :(

    I think you need to work out what is triggering them, keep a diary of what you eat and do and see if there is a pattern, it could be that you've developed a new trigger.

    I find lots of water is extremely important, if I get even remotely dehydrated my head starts to pound if I don't drink a lot of water quickly then I get a full blown migraine.

  • I think you need to work out what is triggering them, keep a diary of what you eat and do and see if there is a pattern, it could be that you've developed a new trigger.

    I find lots of water is extremely important, if I get even remotely dehydrated my head starts to pound if I don't drink a lot of water quickly then I get a full blown migraine.

    yep - this all ties into not soldiering on and self care - you most probably need support and rest and time to take care of yourself and recharge your batteries - also whats on your mind? anything whirling around that you can't talk about?

  • I often go a long time without eating and should drink more water instaed of tea (although I do drink a lot some days)...yes I have stress and stuff on my mind too which I am sure doesn't help. Foodwise, apart from eating irregularly I am veggie and eat quite healthily although I want to cut dairy for nuts and seeds, poss go vegan again.
    This is all helpful thank you and sorry I cannot reply more at the moment but I will once I feel better. Anything else in terms of input appreciated. Ty again x

  • Poor you,it is a horrible thing,that one day you will out grow and then they will disapear,or close to disapear.

    I sometimes get migraines of anything up to 2 or 3 weeks,and have had them go on for over a month on a couple of occasions.

    If I start getting that stary eyed feeling,and feel the pressure behind them,then a couple of nurofen are the only thing that works for me,and I have tried lots of things.

    You must figure out what your worst triggers are,as not everyone has the same triggers.

    The worst things for me in a dietry sense are cheese,red wine,citrus fruit and occasionally coffee,and to be honest I like all of these,and still eat them.
    There is a strange old saying,that suggest if you have an allergy to something that you crave it more ! often enough before I get a big migraine (a 7.2 on the well fucked scale),I tend to eat an entire camembert or have a few glasses of wine.I do not know is this because I know I have a migraine coming on,so what the hell type phylosophy,or is my craving a warning from my system that one will happen if I dont take care!

    I have ignored the craving and had a migraine on occasions,and visa-versa,so cant draw any definate conclusions from that.

    Another horrendous thing for bringing on migraines,and this would appear to be the case with most people is strip lighting,or any strong light reflecting in your eyes.
    This I figured out,as I was getting huge light displays going on my head every time I went to the supermarket,which are places normally lit with strong strip lighting. when mentioning this in an article a few years ago,I had a lot or responses from people who said that theirs often came on in the supermarket too,so point proven.
    With sunlight,I used to wear sunglasses to avoid the bright light,but actually found that the change of lighting by using the sunglasses,often induced a migraine moreso than if I adjusted my eyes naturally.

    As far as I am aware,there is no proven cure for migraine as yet,because in the scheme of things,very little is known about them,and they are still confusing scientists today.

    The one positive that I have been able to extract from when I have a migraine,is the fact that I can more or less read peoples minds,by being very tuned in to energies when having an attack.
    I have figured out many different truths about people at such times and have always found this ability to be 100 percent,so may be worth my while in going to vegas and eating some cheese.
    When I do get this amazing power of perception,despite the bad head and light display,I do sometimes ask myself " am I actually a chosen one to have this ",which sounds bloody daft,but it may be a gift.

    Does anyone else on here who suffers from migraine also get superb powers of observation?

    Anyhow,I hope that your suffering does become less and that you find a way to deal with them. As crap as nurofen is,I still think that it is one of the lesser evils as far as taking strong chemicals goes,and sometimes chemicals are needed,unless of course my theory on better perception is true and it is a gift,therefore nature hasnt supplied anything to stop it for a reason !!

    Love and flashing light


  • I have found no relief via the homeopathy channel,but have also heard about accupucture working on a few people.I wanted to give the latter a try,but have yet to find someone to do it for me,without having to go to paris or lyon,as the ironic thing being that I get worse migraines in built up areas,which I guess is from lack of fresh air and tree's,and maybe an inner stress from being there.

    I would be interested to hear of anyones results who went for accupuncture.

  • Big *nugs* Bee
    I suffered with migraines throughout my twentys and nothing really touched them until I had a course of beta blockers for an unrelated reason,side effect was they got rid of the migraines.I went for months without one and when they came back they were much less often which made them seem less horrendous because I had more energy to cope with them.Repetitive pain of any sort is fucking exhausting and I'm sure it makes our bodies extra sensitive so it hurts more.My brains not working at the mo but the beta blockers enlarge certain erm,arteries I think? And you said you get relief from the drug you take that works on blood vessels..So if you can figure out what they affect you could look for a natural alternative that does the same maybe? Its really,really rare for me to get one these days (main triggers now are lengthy dehydration and exposure to intense bright light,including sunlight,for a couple of hours-so sensible reasons for a 'warning') and that might be simply that I've grown out of them but the beta blocker effect was *immense* for me so maybe they gave my body a kick start and a long enough break to rebalance itself out of those oversensitivities?

    For the last year I've had horrendous 'tension headaches' that lay me out and have me violently vomiting and whimpering for 24hrs and theyre just as debilitating as migraines but *different*-for example no photosensitivity and a spliff can bring relief whereas with the migraine it'd be the last thing I could handle.Theyre caused by muscle cramping/stiffness in my torso/neck that causes tension in my body which climbs up to my head and basically explodes so its the cramping/stiffness that needs the focus for both prevention and relief.I dont know a lot about M.E. but if you get cramping or muscle problems with it thats worth looking at as a possible trigger for the migraines too.

    *Nugs* to fairygirl too.I hope you both get some relief soon.