Reusable nappy problem

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  • We use pocket nappies with 2 inserts in during the day and up until a few days ago these were working fine with barely any leaks but now they leak nearly every time some only having been on for about half an hour before they soak through, I don't know if adding more inserts will fix it though because i think the nappy would end up to bulky also im not sure if the shape of the insert may be adding to the problem as they are just straight rectangular pieces of either terry or microfibre i think, so these don't reach all areas inside the nappy. I don't want to go back to disposable nappies so can anyone help me get to the bottom of this, do i need new nappies :panic: or different inserts, if so where do i get them??? any other help or advice would be great too!

    it is impossible to be unhappy whilst wearing my baby in a tattoo style mei tai!!!

  • Hi,what are you washing them with?Softners stop them being absorbant and some of the washing powders and liquids have softner added.Also i had trouble getting them in the right place,more to the front for boys and more to the back for girls!Hope you get it sorted:)

  • Are the inserts completly soaked. If not it could be he has changed shape and so the nappy is not going to work so well. I had to stop using Blueberry nappys for this reason.

  • What do you use to wash them - could it be that they need stripping? Basically detergent can build up in the fibres making them less absorbent, you can try a few 60 washes with nothing at all and see if that helps.

    Or like Ali said maybe he has changed shape. That has happened to us before.

  • You can try folding the inserts a different way to make them more padded out. Or you can try thicker ones- there's nothing wrong with having a bulky nappy, personally I love my baby's sumo bum! ;) xx

  • wow thanks for all the answers guys and in answer to yours lets see, i wash them in non bio own supermarket capsules which have no added softner or anything like that, they are all in one pocket nappies that need no wraps and are a birth to potty size and as it is we are still doing them on second to tightest poppers as koby is quite skinny although i do worry that the tabs dont come far enough round to make a reliable seal. they mainly leak out the edges and the whole nappy inserts and all are soaked (sometimes after only being on for little over an hour, we normally try to change him every 3 hours max) however sometimes they leak out the front sometimes out the back, also sometimes when it has leaked through and we take it off the inserts seem to be quite dry :S. Hmmm thats an interesting thought free spirit although i don't think koby has really changed shape in any way, but could be something to think about. spannerbananna i think i may try the washing alone on 60 a few times before i buy anything else to see if that help at all and forest pixie i will also try folding the smaller insert in half on top of the longer one so there is more padding up front to see if that helps too.... I have also been doing my own research and something i have realised with most pocket nappies is that they come with wing shaped inserts instead of just straight rectangle ones like mine, now i have to say that makes more sense to me as more of the nappy will have padding that way even out to all the edges so if washing and folding the smaller insert so its all at the front don't work i may see if i can get hold of some of the winged shaped inserts. does this sound like a good idea ladies or do you have any other ideas? I'd just rather keep the bulk of the nappy down as koby seems to move more easily in the day nappies that we use instead of the night nappies we use that are generally bulkier as he is such a heavy wetter.. I just wish i could afford to get a whole load of the all in one night nappy that we use as that only needs 1 extra insert in it and it lasts all night :S but they are around £13 each :eek: so thats kind of a no go!

    it is impossible to be unhappy whilst wearing my baby in a tattoo style mei tai!!!

  • what does he drink? squash, water, milk, juice? and how much? you could try just giving him water except at mealtimes for a week and see if it makes a difference...

  • I often put a small sandy nappy in a pocket and it works a lot better :) Also you can get some good deals on some of the forums for nappys :)

  • I reckon you should try stripping them, and then try some different inserts in them - we use hemp ones at night, they are about £10 for 5, and the most absorbent you can get :thumbup:

  • He drinks very weak squash and goes through around 3 or 4 cups a day (sometimes more) but have been thinking of giving him mostly water for a while so may do that. The nappies are on their 3rd 60 degree wash with no tablets, I'm going to readjust how i put the inserts we have already in the nappies before i spend out on more inserts. his night nappies are fine and i think most of them have at least 1 hemp insert in with a couple of terry or microfibre ones, spannerbananna where do you get your hemp ones from as i can't find them that cheap where i'm looking? (as i'd need about 15!)

  • Have you tried just using folded flannels as inserts? Obviously I have a little girl which I realise makes a difference anatomically (!) but I've always found them to be sufficient, and for some nappy styles (we used several) they seemed to offer more protection that the 'proper' pads.

    What type of nappy and wrap are you using? Some wraps don't seem to be at all waterproof around the leg cuffs, which I find totally baffling :-/

    We used hemp for night time too, but never in the day, and Izzy was quite a heavy wetter.

  • Have you tried just using folded flannels as inserts?.

    This is what we're doing - we actually bought a job lot of 'super absorbant cloths' from Costco the other week and I use those in MamaTieDye's home made nappies for night time with the equivalent of 3 folded up cloths inside. And on top, regardless of whether she has ended up in a padded daytime nappy or a pretty MamaTieDye one, she has Boots plastic nappy pants on top. Because she's a heavy wetter.

    Daytime, Daisy has the Tots bots all in one thingummies. With at least 3 fleece boosters!

  • I used extra fleece between Oscar and the nappy. I bought a cheap fleece blanket from Primark in nice colours and chopped it up with zig zag scissors.

  • We found that the AIO birth to potty nappies didnt suit teeny boy after 9 months, they leaked through the legs, front and back and it didnt matter what kind of inserts we used - it was after that, that I switched to using disana organic cotton tie nappies with wool wraps or sometimes the PUL wraps. They took a little getting used to, but they adjust to so many different shapes and sizes and you can buy them for about £3-4 each. The great th^ng about them too is you can fold almost anything into them to make them more absorbent. prefolds, flannels, fitted inserts, micro fleece whatever. Then lanolised wool wraps help to soak more pee too but dont leak.

    Wish I had found them sooner as I went through lots of 'trial packs' to find the right ones and it turned out the best was by far the cheapest for us in the end