How hard is it to park up tranquilly in britain in a camper-live in vehicle

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  • i am patked up in a roadside laybye in cornwall for three weeks plus now in caravan , have a lovely river beside me , and a wood with deer n owls accross the river.
    only draw back i have is a group of idiot moped riders who think its great to peep horns every time they drive by
    local police women opped in third night in, and i told them i am not perminant they were very nice an polite, bluevtop pcs , and even offered to try and find mr a place long term

    they only came because somebody from the local ramblers group had complained i was taking space up bloody cheek they had 20 plus cars bring back wolfs bear and wild boar , make ramblers lifes interesting
    not noisy does help , cornwall is very short of proper travellerssites, coincill will not buildthem , which leaves said council on a sticky wicket when you park on their land

  • Dieseldog

    I saw your LT on E-bay just recently,(or one identical) nearly bought it as well !! was it yours? how are you getting on with it,? It looked superb.
    I went for somit smaller and bought a Hitop Hiace 4x4.

    Oh, and I live in Scotland, so will be parking where I like !:D

  • Not hard at all in my experience, found great park ups all over:) police generally quite nice about it too as long as not making a mess etc

  • Not had any real trouble parking - we do tend to go for the one night & move strategy though are slowly getting ready for a much longer trip so will be trying to find places for a few days.
    Often ask locals where is good - stop for a cup of tea in a cafe or whatever & make friendly conversation with staff. One time (in Dawlish) we asked a couple of local policemen where would be good to park up overnight - they were great, told us where to avoid and suggested a couple of places where we wouldn't get hustled!

  • Bonjour mes ami's. I hope that you are all very well and are floating around in a bubble of positivity.

    Its nice to read that so many of you are on the road doing what you want to do and are not getting hassled about it,it makes me smile greatly to see this.
    I have(as last year) been busy travelling all over france building dry stone walls again this year,and have just had a couple of months off,spending time in the pyranees and the french and swiss alps,not to forget the lovely volcanic region of l'auvergne and unspoiled burgundy.
    As always,I have not been stopped at all by the local gendermes and have spent most of this time parked up near glaciers,up volcano's,lakeside,next to waterfalls etc etc without once being questioned or being hassled on my being there.
    I must admit though that the swiss douanes (customs officers) did make me feel very uncomfortable by looking at me and my van in discust,but that is quite common place in switzerland as it is a very monied country,and anything less than very rich does get frowned upon.
    However I bought some gorgeous chocolates and saw some beautful countryside,so it wasnt all bad.

    Now that it is pretty much illegal to live any form of nomadic dwelling here in france,there are more and more people leaving behind their yurts,tipi's,cabins and the likes and going out and buying vans and boats,as these are the only two ways of still being able to live a semi nomadic way of life.

    Sarkozy thought that he was onto a winner by making it an illegal lifestyle,and seemed quite certain that all of the evictions would result in all of us rushing out to accept defeat and buy houses,and therefore pay more taxes;ha ha ha what a plonker,as this has well and truly backfired,for lots have left the country and many who were paying tax and have had their work permits withdrawn have obviously gone on to work in the blackmarket.

    Back to the point about living in a vehicle though.France is still a great country to do this in,and as long as you are respecting the countryside and those around you,then you are in general left alone to be free and to be happy.

    My van is still going on and on and is only suffering from normal wear and tear,but is in no way legal to come onto a british road,and I would probably be nicked for no tax and ticket even before I got out of the port,so I have no plans for doing a uk tour until when I get a uk legal vehicle.
    I still read your posts though and shall refer back to them when I am next travelling in britain,so to pinch a few parkup places.

    May your roads be smooth with the wind caressing your backsides.

    Love and light to all


  • :hippy:Hi Strange, our Ingrid LT Westy Florida has just gone to a good home. I dropped the price a little cos I liked the guy. We are now living full time in a coachbuilt Transit conversion - this will interest some of my frenz on here....... Ta for your interest. :)

  • I registered on but in order to see the database of wild-camping spots you have to pay so i haven't got that far, in their forums they also mention 'Britstops' - something else you pay £25 for one year's membership which allows you to stay at Farm Shop, craft centres, breweries etc...

    Does anyone have experiences of either of these? I recently moved to near Bournemouth and yes, everywhere you go there are signs saying "No sleeping".. there are also no campsites around here. I don't know what it's like in the New Forest for overnight stays.... What i DO know is that i'm desperate to spend more time in my van!!:wub: What about Rainbow Camps? Do they exist in the south?

  • I don't know what it's like in the New Forest for overnight stays.... What i DO know is that i'm desperate to spend more time in my van!!:wub: What about Rainbow Camps? Do they exist in the south?

    Most if not ALL of the New Forest is No sleeping. You get a warning the first time round (as you didn't know) - They take your registration plate, Next time you get a fine (I have been told.)

    What is Rainbow camps?