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  • What exercise, if any, do you do?

    I've tried a few things - I have always loved walking, and have done a lot of swimming on and off - mainly to help my back.

    I've done horseriding since I was little too. Other than that i'm also getting into Yoga, but again have always dabbled in it a bit before. I cycle a little bit too, but don't really enjoy it.
    I did Amateur Boxing for a couple of years, which was the most intense and amazing training I've ever been involved in.
    Since I have stopped boxing I have moved into my boyfriend's family home, where his lovely mum has a passion for cooking all sorts of delicious things - for the first time ever I'm putting on a wee bit more flab than muscle!

    Partially out of interest, and partially looking for a bit of inspiration for myself, I thought I'd ask you guys what you do. I think the simplest thing for me to do to increase my exercising would be to drop my car driving and cycle to all my clients in the week. That would be a good goal..


  • Cycling is the way to go. I find I'm time poor so the prospect of going to a gym or some such isn't very appealing to me. Cycling combines transport and exercise. OR get an allotment, fresh air and digging are good for you too.

    Through violence you may solve one problem, but you will sow the seeds for another...

  • OR if you enjoyed boxing, look for another class or another martial art. Fun and exercise and bruises too. What more could you want?

    Through violence you may solve one problem, but you will sow the seeds for another...

  • I found exercise difficult due to back pain, even walking is hard for me. Swimming has been a godsend for me, it is something I can do to lose weight and feel so much better. I have even signed up for the Apsire Channel Challenge!

    Whatever you do, take it slowly and build it up gradually.

    And most importantly, enjoy what you do. Good luck xx

  • I walk, cycle if possible, swim, go to gym, tried yoga but got put off by the silly yoga voice that some instructors seem to use, so i do it on my own in the house with various yoga DVDs. Have not done much exercise recently due to various reasons, but would like to get back into a routine of regular exercise.

  • Cycling is my life and has been for as long as I can remember ! I can't think of a time when I couldn't ride a bike . Everything about myself I owe to cycling .

    The physical benefit is immense . It strengthens the heart , trains and increases the capacity of the lungs and I am 11 stone of nearly all lean powerful muscle . I have never weighed more than 12 stone ( when I was I felt very slow ) and I have never dieted .

    Going to the gym is all well and good but it only makes you better at going to the gym . Lifting dead weight is a waste of time unless you want to lift heavy things , slowly . Big , water retained muscle just makes you heavy , limits physical movement and often isn't true strength anyway .

    Cardiovascular is the way to go if you want fitness and cycling is king of them all . It is the most energy efficient way to travel on the planet . Running ruins the knees unless you take it very gently for a good number of years or have been an avid runner since childhood . Swimming isn't bad if that's your thing but I cant swim to work and I can't swim to the shops .

    General health wise I am in amazing condition . I never thought about it until a paramedic friend of mine asked if I had any illnesses or medical conditions . I had never thought it to be unusual that I had nothing wrong with me . She was surprised and told me that I should be donating blood lol

    The greatest benefit is the mental side ; the physical is just a byproduct of what I enjoy to do . I have never cycled for any physical benefit . The powerful strong legs , the tight arse or low weight were never intended , just what happens . As a child I was very shy ( still am to an extent ) . To the point where I once spent a day round my nans when all the family was over hiding behind the dining room door , for the entire day :o All my confidence and determination have come from experiences pedaling a bike . You can't have any self doubt ( and I have had a great deal of that ) when your pedaling hard toward a gap on a bmx , if even the slightest thing goes awry your going to have a very bad day / week / month / year / rest of your life . I have learned not to take any shit from anyone . Nothing anyone could say to me has been as great as the risks I have taken riding bicycles over the years .

    I cycle at least 20 miles every day to work at least 6 days a week ( have done 12 days straight at the moment ) and often ride in the woods after or on days off . I own a car but haven't used it since november and I should really sell it .

    A day often consists of getting up at 6am , riding 10 miles to work , doing at least a 10 hour day , riding the 10 miles back home where I will immediately leave to ride 8 miles to the woods which is a 4 mile red route and then the 8 miles back home again .

    I have met amazing people because of it , or you could choose to never see anyone . A bicycle can get an elderly lady to the shops or keep her in touch with her community or it can enable the athlete to attain fame and notoriety .

    You get back what you put in .

  • I have been resistance training for 3 months now and also do a whole horde of other excercises including various crunches and ab exercises and plenty of leg work. My cardio has improved massively since I started and I feel loads better.

    The next step for me is to join a Gym and get some 1on1 training with a proper instructor I think, just gotta find the funds to do so.

  • before you begin anything you first have to outline to yourself what it is you want to achieve .

    sunny - It sounds like you used to be happier with yourself before . It sounds like a simple case of now consuming more food than you are burning off . Easy answer to address the balance would be to back off and eat less , be gracious but say you don't want to eat that much , cut back on the portions . You say boxing was amazing and you don't like cycling ; get back into the boxing and avoid the cycling . Is it possible to walk to any clients ?

    rhythm - check out " get exercised " on you tube . a nice eccentric yoga teacher with an element of fun :p

    Aelin - while you are finding those funds could you answer what it is you want to accieve by training , whats the ultimate goal , is there anything in particular you are working toward ?

    I don't exercise ! my lifestyle has the balance where I am healthy and happy . Think about what it is you all enjoy doing that is active and do that , you wont ever need to " exercise " again if you do .

  • Lots of cycling for me, racing most of the summer.... lycra lout .... also audax rides , mostly in Wales, lots of mountains, cafes, pubs and happy cyclists. Riding through the night in the mountains is something that you will never forget :D..
    Some walking and a bit of 7am running with the wife and dogs whenever possible, wakes us up and gets the mood right for taking on the day.

  • Not as much as I used to. :p Used to do bits and pieces; cycling, swimming, ocassional forays into Kung fu and Kickboxing, ran fairly regularly for a couple of years before my daughter was born and still go out for the odd couple if miles. Mostly hiking/hill walking now.

  • i walk and walk and walk and walk and walk some more and climb on rocks and i live 2 floors up which helps - i am hoping driving isnt going to mean i end up lardy again - i am telling myself i will drive places to walk ;)

  • Mostly I run - I've applied to do the 2012 London Marathon but won't know if I'm chosen until next month.

    Then I have bursts of weight training and cycling depending on how I feel and what I'm trying to achieve. I walk a lot when I'm travelling, but generally that's a means to an end rather than a deliberate form of exercise.

    In the past I've also kick-boxed and done dinghy sailing (which is more energetic than most people realise).

    Plus, even though I dislike both, I'm also a qualified ASA swimming assistant and FA football coach (although I did those years and years ago and have forgotten almost everything they taught me :D).

  • Good luck with the ballot for london paul ;) if you get knocked back apply again your garanteed a place on your 5th attempt! Its a massive day and you will love every minute of it, something to tell the grankids about, if you really wanna do one next year and you dont get in try edinburgh, its awsome and 1st come 1st served on entry's, super fast course infact it the fastest in britan and is 4 weeks after london so serious training ( ie 18 weeks out ) means starting 1st week of the new year rather than 2nd week in dec as you would for london :)

  • I got a "commiserations" letter yesterday which was a bummer, so I'm now trying a few of the pre-allocated charity spaces instead. I like the idea of London 2012 'cos it ties in with the Olympics - I think the only other one I'd want to do would be New York.

  • I live an active lifestyle doing mountain walking, caving, climbing and canoeing as part of my job.
    Whenever I'm on holiday you can usually find me in the sea body boarding or kayaking.

    Still doesn't make me fit and healthy though and I also suffer from a bad back. I've recently taken up swimming (in a pool, but more enjoyably in the river near where I live) and Zumba and I feel so much better for them and so does my back.

  • Do you do yoga Raebird ? corpse pose is particularly alleviating .

    I'm tempted to do 2013 mountain mayhem and it would be nice to be 2013 uk singlespeed champion ; I missed out on 2010 due to believing someone elses gear ratio recommendation .

  • I used to run, and walk everywhere. I competed in triathlons. Then I got osteo-arthritis in one foot and the opposite knee and that makes walking even half a mile or so painful. Cycling is pretty good, and swimming. In the gym I can use a cross-trainer/elliptical machine because it's low impact.

  • I've just fount this thread and i've just come in from swimming , I've not been swimming for years and i did 10 lengths in 3/4 hour , next week i want to do 12 lengths . I'm going to get my mountain bike out as well as next year i want to cycle the 12 mile round trip to work and back , and i'm thinking of going to a body pump class so next Easter i can surf again when i go down cornwall .Good luck to everyone who's trying to keep fit like me .

  • I used to be a dancer. I was offered a scholarship with the royal academy when I was younger. Nowadays I don't do any exercise. I really should, I guess. Lack of time/energy is to blame!

  • I used to do lots of excerise whaen I was at school ( I was in a swimming team so trained 3-4 times a week, plus galas, plus children are more active generally), then I became a adult, stopped swimming, learnt to drive and became fat and unfit :(

    After baby number 2 I decided it was time to look after myself again. I started trying to loose weight and exercise more, starting off with walking 3-4 miles most mornings. About 7 years on, the excercise I do weekly is walk, go to Zumba, go to Yoga, go to Circuit Training, swim approx. 70-100 lengths in an hour (am a pool lifeguard), and in my spare time I kayak (am a Level 1 coach), cycle and go for walks in the countryside.

    In the process I've lost nearly 4 stones, and have about another 2 to go. I have loads more energy than I used to, and find I am less hungry the more active I am.

    Although it sounds like it costs lots, walking and running are free as long as you have good trainers, and as I'm a Lifeguard I don't have to pay to go swimming at my pool, so that certainly helps. (I didn't have a job or any coach qualifications before doing all this, it all came about through just going swimming and learning to kayak).

    Our yoga classes are discounted so that's really good, just £3 for a 2 hour session that includes meditation, and the circuit class is £2 for an hour followed by time on the machines after if we want, run through our local Health Centre so discounted too. It certainly pays to look around to see what's available in your area, especially referrals through your GP or health visitor.

    At 40 I'm now fitter than when I was in my 20's, especially as I smoked back then too!!

  • this is something that got me down for ages - i used to be quite fit, needed to be for work, did loads of mountain walking. then suddenly last may my knee screwed up, it'd give way on me completely, i could barely walk properly. they never found out what was wrong, pain comes and goes. but it means i really struggle to be able to stay fit now.
    one good thing i found is exercise videos though; then you can go at your own pace, whenever you like, and no one is watching. i love the y plan :D

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  • well just done 20 lengths of the swimming pool in 3/4 hour , found my weights ready for after christmas and going to service my mountain bike ready for sunday afternoon rides ? I want to get to the stage where i can ride my mountain bike to work and back every day in the spring and summer

  • well i did it i did 32 lengths in a hour thats half a mile swimming . next I'm going to get back in to horse riding ,and get my mou ntain bike out . so watch this space as they say

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