Pumpkin's Controversial Weight Loss Plan

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  • I tried not counting calories yesterday. I have no idea how it's going, though. How will I know if I'm doing okay? Obviously when I lose weight I'll know, but before then? Maybe I'll put up what I've eaten today at the end of it. That might work.

  • enigma, whirler, starpoi, noctula, groove...read and absorbed and answers pending - subject to actually having to do some housework and journey planning for an insane round trip to sheffield involving a 5 hour train journey with the boy :clap:

    I tried not counting calories yesterday. I have no idea how it's going, though. How will I know if I'm doing okay? Obviously when I lose weight I'll know, but before then? Maybe I'll put up what I've eaten today at the end of it. That might work.

    this came to me while i was taking my own advice and making healthy flapjacks...i've really got myself in deep with using food again and its a struggle to let go of it - i'm hoping this thread will help me kick my own arse but feel free to have a go too :D

    in answer to your question it's all about trust innit? use your clothes and your mobility as a guide to how big you really are and trust yourself to eat the right things...

    if you stick to the simple tips in this thread and use your own imagination its just a matter of will - ha! easy to say but it is - keep eating the right things and watching ho your clothes fit and you WILL get there - i promise

    a good way to eat well without thinking about it too much is imagine your plate in quarters - 2 are veg or fruit or salad, 1 is protein and 1 is carbs...if you build each plate like this (in proportion, not needing a small berlin wall between the cucumber and the scrambled eggs :whistle:) and only eat til you are full and get properly empty belly feeling once a day or so then you can't go far wrong - drink plenty (thank you whirler i am crap at this too) and have really nice drinks - if you cant eat yummy rubbish then tickle yer tastebuds with a bottle of schloer or a really expensive smoothie every now and again - you do deserve it you know :spank:

    and me? fresh from realising i am still eating too much shit have been walking lots and buying extra cat litter so i have to puch it all home from the shops...i've sorted food for the journey, had an epic day with the boy and now i'm off to make pasta sauce out of the fresh stuff left in the fridge (going in the freezer 2 days before i go away so i am all ready to hit the ground running when i get back) what the actual fuck? is this ME i am talking about? well yes i guess it is...

  • right then! homework - make a list of what you want to achieve and post it here then go and do something and photograph it to prove it and post pics in here - you are now accountable to the people on this thread and i delegate gargantuan butt kickings to them if i am not around and you are being a slack alice!!!

    Have been having a think over the last couple of days and will continue to ponder over the weekend - should be able to come up with a list by then :)

  • This thread has come at a good time for me. I have used every excuse under the sun to avoid doing anything about my weight, something which I have been unhappy with for a while. Then I got ill and couldn't do any exercise, got into comfort eating because I was depressed and my weight was yo-yoing. Not good at all!

    I have finally realised I need to help myself as nobody else will do it for me, unless I can bribe someone to lock me in a room for a month and feed me healthy meals and water a few times a day.

    I have started going swimming at least every other day, or even every day if I can afford it, for at least an hour a session. It has helped my back pain no end, and seems to be losing some of the weight and toning me up, which is pleasing although I personally still can't see any difference, even though I have gone down 2 sizes. I have now got a swimming membership which means if I get the time, I can go every day if I want to for a one off monthly payment of £20. I was like a kid at Christmas yesterday, so excited when I finally signed up for it :D

    Right, now the trickier bit. I try and stick to healthy eating, 3 meals a day, water etc and some days I do well at it, don't feel hungry and only eat when I get the hunger pangs. Then other days, I think "oh, I can just eat this eg KFC(which is only once a month or so), and it won't matter as I am exercising" But I know that if I cut out the crap, which to be fair to myself is only occasionally, then the weight would come off quicker. Auntie Pumpkin, please give me the kick up the arse I need to stop eating any crap at all!

    The good thing is, I have tried losing weight before and been really strict about it for 2-3 weeks and then when I couldn't see any change, gave up and went back to eating once a day and snacking. This time, I seem to of stuck with it for a couple of months and can see in my mind that i AM going to lose weight and get down to a size 12-14, whatever it takes and I can do it, I will do it and for my own happiness and wellbeing, I need to do it.

    Waffle over :)

  • How come when I wake up my jeans are a great fit then by early evening my stomach is so bloated they are uncomfy
    I am thinking my ibs

    Yesterday I had
    Brekkie.... Rice krispies

    Lunch..... Salad sandwich on nutty bread
    And yoghurt

    Tea..... Cabbage carrots and swede cauli veg sausage and gravy

    Supper.... Half a nine bar

    Two cups of decAf. Tea and water

    So I'm thinking what's wrong with my food too make me feel like this
    Its so annoying

  • well i faced the music and got on the wii scales yesterday and its as bad as i thought if not a bit worse. i have been avoiding finding out ever since i got home. i knew it would be cos for the first time yesterday i really felt fat, like nasty feeling fat, which i havent for ages. i felt the weight on me, stopping me moving normally and generally getting in the way. so i got on and did my half an hour of excercise. has to be gentle right now cos my ankle is fooked up and i got weeks to wait for physio, but i dont care if it hurts me, (and it does) i dont want to be this big....i can almost guarentee my ankle pain would be better if i lost a stone, and my hips would be better if i lost 3, lol.

    i am a sugar addict, and for me its harder to give up than smoking has been. for nicotine there is NRT, but for sugar? i love the buzz, i love the comfort and the temporary increase in good feelings, i love the tastes and smells and feel of sugary stuff, i want to stop, i intend to stop eating so much (sugar in tea, on cereal, in sweets, buscuits, milkshakes, chocolate, etc) lol i go into the supermarket and resolve not to buy any and come out with....just a little something.....its like im going to a dealer to walk in a sweetshop, lol. i am a hundred times better than i used to be..i could eat about 2000 calories in a sitting a few years ago...seriously. i never threw it up but by god i wanted to...then i'd go for weeks hardly eating hating myself and my body for having no control. i think i had some kind of eating disorder to be totally honest. to be brutally honest i think its still there, im just a bit better at living with it now.

    i try to set a good example for eden but he is picking up on my eating, always after sweet stuff...he's not fat at all but i dont want him to use food for comfort like i have since i was a kid. i want to be able to eat normally, to cook healthy meals and not feel like i need a mountain of sugar afterwards to feel ok.

    it took somethink really powerful to make me suceed in loosing all that weight in 2010, and when i got given the wii it was a magic combination, when it changed i lost all my motivation....i was really sad, really down, and it was the only thing that had ever been powerful enough to make me do it, (plus i badly damaged my hips at the same time), i wish it was different but thats the truth, and i can't rely on that now, i have to find it within myself to do it for all the other good reasons that were never quite enough to overcome my need to eat for comfort, and its hard. with thyroxing fucking about with my metabolism, and my fibro pain drugs,which are also used to treat anorexia because they make the urge to eat hugely strong, i'm fighting a running battle.

    but i will take it one stap at a time, i need to give myself credit for what i have achieved in the past and look on this as a relapse, not a faliure...im dealing with a lot of hard stuff at the moment, but i will get there, i will come through it in the end.

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.

  • Lyndz, have you tried swimming? I had a problem exercising because I was in too much pain but I find being in the water takes the pressure off my back and leaves me with a lot less pain xx

  • Lyns hunny your definatley not a failureThings happen in life we have no control over This is just a blip sweetie you will get there again I know you will I remember you at silverdale and how well you looked And I have looked at the latest pics of you and you still look amazing But I know that if you don't feel good then it don't matter what other peeps think I'm at that stage family say you look fine I feel fat You can do this Lyns you have done it before Take it slow what with your foot and the fibroBig hugs

  • Hugs to everyone on this thread, losing weight is a bitch and It took me a long time to admit I had a problem in the first place. At the beginning of this year I was heavy enough my scales couldn't give me a reading, new scales showed me a scary 21 Stone, I think that was the moment it all changed. I couldn't walk up stairs or run around after koby without getting breathless. Since then I have been using the same methods on this thread in regards to building meals and cutting portions, I started an exercise program using an Xbox 360 Kinect game UFC: Personal Trainer which gave me strict workout routine while keeping track of things like Reps and Time so I could see my progress. I'm no longer using the trainer due to crazy travelling and an even more hectic lifestyle but am now down to 16.5 Stone and feel so much better. Some weeks I go without losing weight and others I will lose 1-2Kg and I have learnt not to stress about whether I have or not.

    Be strong people it will take as long as it takes and there is no set method for everyone, I still enjoy a nice burger and can of energy drinks. Dieting doesn't have to mean eating things you hate.


  • i have, we go with eden once a week during term time usually, but its a fiver a time and a half hour drive away to get to the nearest pool so its not exactly convenient for any more regularly than that....plus i hate pool water in my dreads, lol and no swim cap will fit.......lol it is a good excercise...i like doing it, mainly was doing small bits of swimming and lots of stretching in the water while eden played but im sure steve would watch him while i went a did a proper swim for 20 mins or so. have to start small. :)

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.

  • Have been having a think over the last couple of days and will continue to ponder over the weekend - should be able to come up with a list by then :)

    Well I was supposed to be marshalling tomorrow for the Wales Ironman (and not just because I wanted to letch over fit men in tight lycra - there are a few women competing as well ;) :p) but it's all gone tits up because of childcare :( I was going to use it as my inspiration to get on my bike (literally and metaphorically) but this evening I've been sitting around and for a brief moment allowed the "whats the fucking point, it's not gone right, I'm destined to be weak and unfit and wobbley and bleurgh for ever, wah *insert further self pitying comments and self-fulfilling maudling-ness here* "

    Given myself a kick though and my list is as follows (just for this week)....

    • I am going to the swimming pool (this is terrifying in it's own right as it involves me wearing a swimming costume - in public :eek: I have some residual body conscious hangups :o ) - I am going on Monday afternoon after I drop Rhiannon at nursery (the leisure centre is directly opposite her nursery so it's not as if I can avoid the building!) and I am going on Wednesday before I go into the shop for the afternoon (Wednesday will be easier to make excuses not to do but I *will* go). Thinking about it I think I'll actually have to buy a swimming costume as it's been that long. I used to swim a lot in my teens and on one occasion I took it upon myself to swim 100 lengths - on Monday I am going to attempt 10. :p
    • I'm going to rescue my bike from the shed - it's been mouldering away for about 4 or 5 years so may not even be in a usable state. However, I've got a Haynes bike manual and I'll take a look, see what needs sorting and strip and oil and fix anything that needs stripping, oiling and fixing. Assuming it's in an easily fixable state. If I can fix it by Friday, next weekend I'm going to attempt a cycle ride.

    I'll keep you posted on my success ;)

  • Well after a particularly stressful day yesterday I let my self down last night and had choc peppermint creams Felt like shit afterwards And I had been doing so well But I'm not going to let it throw me I know I can do this Steve ... Your right about changing our way of thinking Our way of thinking about food mainly I'm off to see a cbt

  • Go Sensi! Never feel bad if you have a slip up, mine was 4 jaffa cakes yesterday, put it down to a 'moment' and carry on another day, you will get there xx

  • well the diet kinda went out of the window due to last minute weekend madness, lol but i am back with the program from tomoro....got to face the wii scales in a bit...bad idea just after dinner:)

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.

  • Bought swimming costume yesterday - went to the pool today and because it was early afternoon it was really quiet and I had a whole lane to myself :D

    Thought I'd go for the 10 lengths as planned, finished up pushing myself for 32 lengths (half a mile). Breast stroke mind - I tried front crawl and manged half a length lol No photographic evidence mind. No way am I posting a pic of me wearing a swimsuit online :p

    (Had my goggles on too tight - still have read marks across the bridge of my nose!! :eek: )

  • Me too I do really well in the day then when it gets too evening icant help it I just have some biscuits and try telling myself it's a one off but it's not
    I know what i need to do I need to get happier and that means properly conquering the aggy
    Get out for walks etc so I don't have so much whirling round my head in the evenjng

  • Don't sweat it - things don't change overnight. Don't give yourself a hard time 'cos that's even more harmful! Just accept that there are valid reasons that it's difficult and that you can get there at the right time.


    And it's part of the cycle which will take time to break, ...

    trying to eat healthily-------have a hiccup resort to comfort eating-----oh for fucks sake I'm so crap, I'm comfort eating again-----feel miserable------comfort eat more------cycle carries on.

    I still have hiccups but I'm in better state than I was 10 years ago. I was bulimic from around 15 (I actually remember the first time I made myself sick as it was always stress/emotional & control related, I'd excused myself from a GCSE Maths lesson to go to the toilet so I could stick a felt tip pen down my throat :eek: :S ) and it took 8/9 more years to reach a point where I no longer binged and purged. But it happened very slowly and even half a decade further on I'm still working on the thought patterns because that's the hardest thing to overcome.

    Recognising and starting to manage the behaviour is the easiest step imo, learning to forgive yourself and change the thought patterns underlying the behaviour is the hardest bit but in time it will happen. And in the meantime, you have to try and be kind to yourself.

  • I'm liking this thread :)

    I put on a lot of weight after turning veggie - mainly because my cheese intake rocketed, but also 'cos I had gotten quite lazy after years of being very active. I think that the main thing was to stop listening to my excuses ... a big one for me being "It's not so easy now I'm older". It wasn't my age holding me back, it was my thoughts around it.

    Anyway, earlier this year I lost 32lb in just under 10 weeks by drastically altering my diet ... I cut out wheat, most dairy, sugar, potatoes and rice 6 days out of 7, and on the 7th I gave myself a cheat day that allowed me to catch up on all the crap I'd been craving - which actually gave my metabolism a boost! The diet was similar to the Paleo diet I mentioned in a different thread, and features largely in the book "4 Hour Body" by Tim Ferris.

    10 weeks for me was really not a huge chunk out of my life, and even though I'm now a lot less rigid, I still haven't put the weight back on. I'm still in the process of replacing the clothes that now fall off me!

    That was for me anyway, but there are thousands of diets out there and different people respond better to different stuff - and most techniques will work if you apply yourself to it. I think you have to find what you're comfortable with - but I really don't think there's room for half measures - the biggest obstacle is your own mind and getting yourself fired up to actually do it!

  • Me?

    I stopped doing set meals and ate when I was hungry - I cooked plenty of veg, got protein from legumes and eggs, snacked on salads and made eating for function more important than eating for taste. Some of the stuff I'd eat was quite unconventional ... like roasting up parsnips to snack on or eating fried spinach and mushrooms for breakfast. :D