Pumpkin's Controversial Weight Loss Plan

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  • Just a quick update from me... Over the last 8 months I have managed to lose 22lbs. In August last year I was the heaviest I have ever been, and my BMI was up to about 26. I wasn't happy, and seeing how I looked in my dad's wedding photos gave me a kick up the arse to lose some weight! I stopped snacking and started doing more exercise and with a bit of persistence it has paid off :D Losing the weight didn't make me miserable because I was still allowing myself to eat chocolate and cake, just in smaller quantities! My BMI is now a normal, healthy 23 and I am the slimmest I have been in years and years. I've dropped about 2 dress sizes as well. My body confidence is through the roof and I am feeling very pleased with myself :D

  • Well Pumpkin and all the others .I'm now swimming half a mile in 40 min.s on a monday night and horse riding for an hour on a wednesday night and doing an hours stamina training with the weights on a friday night , and I'm still eating health and since the New year I've managed to lose half a stone in weight , I really wanted to be cycling as well by now but its done nothing but rain the last month .Thank you for your help and support :D

  • I'm going to have to jump back on this bandwagon. I haven't weighed myself, but I can see the weight creeping on and it's not good. I am actually making quite a few changes to my diet to make sure I get everything I need, and in terms of meals I think I eat quite balanced and healthy food.

    But, I snack, and I want, want, Want chocolate every single day. Like today when I got home I ate half a chocolate orange :S. I eat a fair amount of shite along with the good stuff, and it probably cancels out any good I might actually be doing by including good food in my diet.

    I also need to start exercising on a regular basis.

  • I went for a run yesterday evening! :eek: Even though at the moment running feels like the most sadistic form of torture, I felt good (mentally) for doing it, and actually got a bit further than I thought I would (still not far at all, but it's a start). I wanted to do it again tonight but my legs are killing me, so it'll have to wait 'til tomorrow!