News of the World to close for good

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  • Rebekah Brooks to be questioned by police over phone hacking

  • I have never bought this paper, although I have used it to wrap things n when moving thanks to the lovely old fellow up the road who gave me a whole stack of them. So it has had it's uses. I do feel sorry for the people who aren't involved directly in this who are going to find them selves made redundant. It's a shame they couldn't get together and start their own thing as a co-operative with no input from indecently large corporation.

    The only reason that Murdoch and his henches are getting away with this is because they have money and more dirt hidden away on everybody who is in the public arena. Perhaps he'll fall of a boat somewhere..........which would be another coincidence......ans the initials R M .....

    I expect they'll all be applying for legal aid when the time comes.....

  • So now NotW is gone, the News International bid for the whole of BSkyB has been withdrawn and the Murdochs have agreed to present themselves before the relevant Select Committee next Tuesday, is anyone prepared to guess what will happen next?

    Will another mighty Xanadu fall? :p

    *whispers* Rosebud

  • Feds getting involved as well.

    FBI 'to open' 9/11 victim phone hack investigation

  • Yes, I think that apart from the select committee appearances and any further phonehacking victims being identified, much of the running will come from investigations in the US.

    From Avaaz:


    But this is the tip of the iceberg -- Murdoch is a global problem. He's famous for dictating editorial positions to his papers. He corrupts and controls democracies by pushing politicians to back his extremist ideas on war, torture and a host of other planetary ills, and destroying careers with smear campaigns unless they do his bidding. In the US, he helped elect George W. Bush and has most of the Republican presidential candidates on his payroll (see sources). His Fox News Network spread lies to promote the war in Iraq, pushed resentment of Muslims and immigrants and spawned the right-wing tea party. Maybe worst of all, he has helped block critical global action on climate change.

  • The U.S. government should go after Murdoch's media company for its corrupt practices and revoke its TV licenses if it's found guilty.


    Bribery, illegal wiretapping, interference in a murder investigation, political blackmail, and rampant disregard for both the truth and basic decency. The behavior of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. in Britain has shocked even his closest allies and cynical British journalists. The Murdoch empire is falling apart—criminal behavior and disregard for basic ethics having permeated its highest ranks. News Corp. executives' claims of a full and thorough investigation and that there were only a few bad apples have been exposed as feeble and false. The pseudo-investigations conducted by Scotland Yard are likewise proving to be corrupt and unreliable. Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron's government is running for cover, but it cannot escape the untoward relationship that it had with Murdoch.


    Much more importantly, the facts already pretty well established in Britain indicate violations of American law, in particular a law called the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The Justice Department has been going out of its way to undertake FCPA prosecutions and investigations in recent years, and the News Corp. case presents a pretty simple test for Attorney General Eric Holder: If the department fails to open an immediate investigation into News Corp.'s violations of the FCPA, there will have been a major breach of enforcement at Justice. Having failed to pursue Wall Street with any apparent vigor, this is an opportunity for the Justice Department to show it can flex its muscles at the right moment. While one must always be cautious in seeking government investigation of the media for the obvious First Amendment concerns, this is not actually an investigation of the media, but an investigation of criminal acts undertaken by those masquerading as members of the media.