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  • :mad: GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
    it almost 4 in the morning and yet again the boyfriend has woken me up with his loud snoring, when i say loud i mean really load, im downstairs now with ear plugs in and i can still here him!!!!!!!!!!

    the ear plugs worked for a while, but havnt done so for the past week and its making me bloody tired and pissed off!

    There is no way for me to stop it, iv tried turning him over in his sleep, but still the snoring!

    is there anything else i can do?
    im spending 10 days in bahrain with him and meeting his parents, i fly out tonite - i dont want this to be a problem while im there.

    It sounds really petty, but its jsut too frustrating now!

  • I misunderstood the title of this thread at first and thought you were seeking a snoring partner. :o

    Anyway, what kinda earplugs you using? I used to use foamy ones when I was working nights and they did a great job.

    If they're the ones you're already using, then I'm afraid you're either gonna need to find a way to stop him snoring or get a new boyfriend!

  • Those yellow foamy ones are pretty good. There's a cock next door to me who cockadoodledooooos rather loud in the early hours, so my boyfriend bought some to stop it waking him up (funnily enough, the bird never wakes me up).

    He used to leave them on my bedside table all waxy and gross though :vomit:

  • You have my sympathy. I'm apparently a very loud snorer :o All I can suggest is that your get him off to the docs & see what the situation is. The one I saw said that there is quiet a few things that can be checked & if need be done to help the situation.

    The only good thing is that is not being done deliberatly. Little help I know.

  • My ex was the worse snorer i had ever heard in my life,i used the foamy ones but could still hear him:(
    I found a chemist that sold wax ones,they are the best i found.:D
    I finally got a decent nights sleep after that.:sleep: Its worth a try.:)

  • Rather than try and block out the sound you should look in to stoping the snoring.
    THere are lots of herbal remedies available that can help as well as strange strip thingys that you stick on his nose. Not sure how well they all work but it would be worth a try

  • There was something in the paper about geting snorers to take up the didgeridoo, as this apparently teaches them to regulate their breathing. If nothing else, he'll be a blast at festies *ducks*:D

    "The lovely thing about being 40 is that you can appreciate 25 year old men more" - Colleen McCullough I'm not 40 - I'm 18 with 22 years' experience!

  • :happydanc:lol:

    oops sorry're probably wondering why I can't stop laughing

    Erm...I misread Jule9 post as..

    'There was something in the paper about geting snorers to take it up the didgeridoo'

    No problem...that would stop them snoring

  • does is snore through his nose or his mouth? if it's his nose trying getting some kinda of anti-inflammatory so that his airway is very clear and this should prevent snoring. if it's snoring through his mouth you're a bit buggered unless you can teach him to sleep in certain positions.

    according to becky if i'm snoring all you need to do is kick me and i shut up.

  • My mother is a reet old snorer.. and she has tried everything bless her.. My poor daddy goes in the spare room on a work night.. cause he gets crabby if he doesnt get his 7-8 hours kip a night

  • I hate people who snore - i know everyone does and I do but I cant hear it when im alseep lol
    I used to put my fingers in my ears and just pass out from tiredness lol

    Hope your having a good holiday type thing x

  • so at the airport he bought be 3 different types of ear plugs, the waxy ones worked but hurt my poor lil ears in the morning, and the ones someone posted at the top kept pushing out of my ear somehow in the night!

    on the plus side tohugh i got lots of sleep while i was in the middle east, coz all i could hear though the plugs was the air con!

    came back home on friday and iv slept way better but thats prob coz im so tired still!!

    and yeah nothing i do makes him stop snoring!
    like moving him onto his side etc.

    lets hope it gets better hey!