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  • Citric acid did get hard to find ,I buy it at homebrew shops as it is used for some wine recipes.Don't know if some Wilkinsons still sell wine making stuff or not,our local one doesn't.

  • Elderflower jelly, elderflower tea, and I got citric acid from our delicatessen but they sell everything known to man! Tartaric/cream of tartar is bitter tasting, citric acid is better. If you really can't find it anywhere you can get it on ebay :thumbup:

  • Think the Critic Acid you need is for sale in Wilkco I think

    (I swear it is as I found a few tubs in a staff clearance the other month.)

    Being on the IoM you won't have a large Wilkco store.. so not sure to be honest - think it can be ordered in if you ask at the smaller branch

  • An alternative to Citric acid is Tartaric acid

    but over the years they have been harder and harder to find
    something to do with being uses to adulterate illegal substances:shrug:
    Best bet is old fashioned chemist or home brewing shops

  • Instead of citric acid in cordial and wine I use lemon juice think you need juice of 1 lemon for every teaspoon of citric acid.
    Gooseberry and elderflower jam is fabulous dahling.

  • Just brewed about 2gl its quite gassy nice though I think i bottled it to early,

    Or you might be lucky and it will turn into elderflower champagne...it usually goes through a second fermentation in the bottle and tastes out of this world.

  • There is a recipe in the self sufficientish bible for a elderflower cordial with no citric acid. Its just flowers, sugar and lemon. I made a bunch last year and it lasted near on a year :)

  • I know its a bit late for the elderflowers now ,but I made a fantastic elderflower sorbet,really delicate flavour and so refreshing. If you made cordial you could still use that to make it..Thus inspired I then tried rose petal sorbet which was incredible and having used mainly pink rosa gallica - the apothocaries rose- it came out a really deep pink colour. really delicious. I grew a load of lemon grass from sed this year so that is my next experiment in the sorbet line.mmm...