Cooker turning on by itself!

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  • Hey everyone,

    This evening I went into the kitchen to find one of the hobs blazing full. I was quite shocked as I know I turned them all off after cooking and Jamie and our mate has been in and out of the kitchen all night and it definitely wasn't on.

    At first I was scared as a few unexplained things have been happening in the house - but I googled it to see some people have said it could be a fault with the cooker (which I am relieved but still scared about!)

    Feel a bit daft for thinking there couldn't be an logical explanation but there has to be!

    Anyone had this problem before, and what should we do?

    We've unplugged the cooker for now but still abit wary about it.

  • Well where to start!

    1) Fell asleep on my bed, woke up but felt paralysed and felt somone sit on the bed, heard them roll a cigarette so I thought it was Jamie, managed to move no one was there. I put this down to being sleepy/asleep.
    2) Two keys go missing. The one was my house key and went missing for three weeks and returned to its usual place. Second was Jamie's Royal Mail bike key, looked everywhere for it, check his whole bag several times, he phoned work to say he'd be late, picked up his bag to go and it was in there, in the middle of the bottom of the bag. We put these two down to us being careless with things! Both keys were found within 12 hours.
    3) In bed ready to go to sleep. I say good night, he says good night, then Love you.. and then we hear clear as anything 'yeah.' It was such a soft womanly voice, Jamie thought it was me, but it definitely wasn't me!
    4) Running across the landing down the stairs and back up. Only heard this once or twice, when the kids (niece and nephew) have been staying over. It's never the kids though, Kaitlyn is a baby and William is always fast asleep.
    5) Door to the living room banged open (this was also when the kids were round), I couldn't see it because the chair is behind the door so I said 'William go back to bed I'll be up to read a story in a minute.' Jamie told me there was no one there, checked on William and he was tucked up in bed reading a book.

    I can't remember anything else other then those things. All of them could be coincidence. Jamie just tried an EVP session, there's a slight distant muffled voice we can't make out but we're not sure whether we've picked it up from next door or not lol I was relieved when I read it could be a fault with the cooker - I don't mind the paranormal but I don't want anything in my house.