What's the best milk substitute?

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  • Aye, I read a similar scientific study which said the same, and one of the most important foods for calcium, not much else can give us enough calcium then milk!

    Ah, but I read that the calcium in milk is bound to a protein that your body can't really break down after you hit about 5 years old, so you don't get much out of it. Milk is for infant guts not adult guts. You can get calcium from the darker leafy greens can't you?

  • Sorry if I appear ignorant, but, maybe goats milk? I found the semi-skimmed doesnt taste as goaty, esp Delamere. Hope that is of some help unless your vegan then it wont be sorry :(
    My daughter really likes oat milk, but I ended up just having herbal teas while I was dairy free as I didnt find one I got on with.

  • I've found Oat Milk to be the best for me :)
    Rice milk is okay... but it really does just taste like watered down rice pudding... so yeah, it all depends if you like that sort of taste!

    And I'm not a big fan of Soya milk at all, but I don't mind the chocolate flavoured stuff. So if you are just wanting it to drink, or for cereal... I guess that could do the job right? Not too sure about having it in tea of coffee though :P

  • Got my oat milk today. It's great in tea, I haven't tried it with cereal yet. It has an unsaual taste by itself after being used to cows milk all these years, but not a bad taste, just different. It seems very creamy, yet less calories than cows milk.

  • caz241, can I ask what brand/type of oat milk you have, as the one I'm trying, while quite tasty, is very watery and nothing like the picture on the front! Paul

  • All these milk alternatives are fine but pricey when your on a budget
    And my lot just do nothing but moan

    So if I want to try something other than cows milk. Which I do then I would be buying cows for them and an alternative for me
    It would work out financially
    My only option would be to cut it out altogether

  • A litre of Oatly is in Asda for £1.09 at the mo if you have one nearby, or Holland and Barrett costs more but are doing it buy one get one half price on line.
    2 litres of cow's milk is over £2 in our local shops so the oat milk is not too much more than that, but at Tesco and Asda cow's milk is cheaper so it makes more of a difference.
    Have you tried the rice milk recipe? That may work out cheaper.
    I'm just buying the oat milk for me and cow's milk for everyone else so it doesn't work out much more.

  • Tesco Value soya milk is about the same price as cows milk I think. It's also the best because it's not full of crappy flavourings

  • What soya milk did you try?
    The Alpro stuff is vile but the smartprice/value stuff is normally ok. I don't like any of the sweetened stuff.

    Yeh agree, Asda cheepo unsweetened stuff is the best taste imo... poss not the the most ethical tho but... :-S x

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  • I have a lot of food sensitivities and can't drink animal milks, soy or nut milks. There's a brand of rice milk we have in the US called Westsoy and I love it. It is kind of expensive but I buy it by the case from our coop and I only drink about 1/2 gal per week. Some other brands of rice milk such as Lundberg don't taste that good to me and Rice Dreams just doesn't cut it either IMO so don't judge them all by one or two or three gacky brands.