Piercings on children/babies

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  • I'd seriously wonder at the integrity/morals of someone willing to peirce a baby's ear in all honesty :( :( :( i just can't imagine bringing myself to do that to a baby :(

  • I remember when I got my nose pierced, the lady was chattering to me about one of her piercing guns, and said "It's a bit more gentle, it's the one we use for babies."

    "Woah - you pierce babies?!"

    "Oh yeah!! Loads. They always scream the place down, can't be nice for 'em, really!" and then laughs and starts talking about earrings.

    Um... so why the fuck do you do it?! :eek:

  • I think claires accessories do baby piercing and they only use guns.

    I walked past a Claires doing a baby's ears once and I felt really sad.

    Thing is, is even if they come out there can be a tiny scar inside the lobe. I know lots of people who have never had piercings or tattoos, and being that I'm covered in 9 tatts and have had a great many piercings, I find that quite appealing, specially when that person has chosen that for themselves. I've never thought to ask anyone if they resent their parent(s) making the earrings choice for them like the parent(s) of the baby I saw, but I bet there's some out there who feel peeved that it wasn't their choice.

    Your body is your own. all my tatts and piercings have been for me - Had 3 in my navel, and apart from during this pregnancy, have never got my tummy out for anyone. The piercings were just for me. So why a baby would have them done, I don't know.

  • agreed PTM and Atomik... I kinda put baby ear peircing and genital mutilation (cirumcision both male and female done for religion's sake) in the same category :( it was bad enough seeing Charlie get his ear peirced (totally understand my dad's philosophy on 18 now) but HE wanted it done and had been wanting it done for a good 4 years before i finally relented.

  • I think my son had his ear pierced the first time when he was quite young,around 5 or 6? I felt he was old enough to make that particular decision about his body because it is only a tiny hole through 'extra' tissue not something thats going to have a major impact on your whole life.In many cultures early piercings are the norm and I dont think its that big a deal on the pain front,kids get hurt and cry all the time,its part of being a kid and having a hole punched through their ear isnt going to cause them any more distress than any other pain or illness.I wouldnt personally pierce a baby because of my own views on consent but I dont think its a terrible thing to do in itself.

  • I used to work in a nursery where one of the little girls, probably about 14months had her ears pierced and her mum had a habbit of putting her in a kintted cardi, the one with the holes in. the ppor little thing was forever getting her earings caught in the cardi when she was playing, youd just hear her scream and she was so panicked everytime i swear she could have ripped her ear apart trying to free herself if we didnt get to her in time... thats just one of the many reasons i am against it. they dont have a clue whats going on as parents we are meant to protect them from pain not lead them straight to it! not to mention the fact i think it just looks cheap and tacky, theres more chance of infection coz kids get themselves into all sorts, i really dont understand why parents think its ok to put a baby through that!

    it is impossible to be unhappy whilst wearing my baby in a tattoo style mei tai!!!

  • I also worked in a piercing studio; and we wouldn't pierce anyone (anywhere) when they were under 14. My girl who is 9 and a half has asked if she can have her ears pierced... and I said no. She is not old enough to look after her piercings, her body is preparing for puberty and because of this I have told her she has to wait until she is 12 at least. Piercing babies is foul and really should be banned... I'm surprised that any studio who wanted to gain a 'good' reputation would do it...

  • I don't remember what age I got my ears pierced the first time but by the time I was 12 I had 6 earrings in each ear, my navel, labret and tongue.

    This was all asked for and taken care of by myself, and as PTM has said, I was mature enough to be able to care for them appropriately.
    My mum was a trained professional piercer for many years (and had proper training....not this 2 day course nonsense!) and did all my piercings for me when she was sure I could deal with it. On the flip side though, she point blank refused to pierce babies or young childrens ears. I think the youngest she ever pierced was 4 or 5? She did have a woman bring her son along asking to get his eyebrow pierced.......he was 10, and in the local football team! Needless to say mum refused to do it.

    Over the years I've had loads of different piercings, many of which I've eventually taken out and some have left a scar. But I don't regret getting any of them done and think that's because they were all my choice. I do concur that piercing babies and those too young to understand, or with a greater risk of hurting themselves because of them (through sport, play or whatever) is borderline abuse.

  • My mam got my ears pierced when I was 4 (the first ear!). I screamed the shop down and ran out, so I didn't get my second ear done until a year later.

    Personally, I don't like the look of pierced ears on babies and I don't think it's right. There should be an age limit on it like there is everything else (like tattoos). I think in my case, in the early 80's, it was the "done thing" and lots of kids seemed to be wearing sleepers. Earring tape in P.E. was very common!

  • When my daughter came out of her mum she was perfect, it comes across as a bit arrogant that people believe that they can improve on perfection by sticking a bit of metal in a child's ear.
    She's now nearly 11 and has recently had them done, she kept them clean and can now change her own jewelry, she chose to get it done, she can deal with them, no problem.
    I cringe when I see babies with pierced ears.Don't even get me started on circumcision,child abuse in the name of religion? If they were to wait until the child could chose, say erm, about puberty, there would be a lot less adherents to some of the world's faiths.

  • Quite simply under 10...HELL NO, the child is not old enough to look after it properly and any yonger than 5...is it really the kids decision? I think it just looks wrong, plus your putting the poor kid through pain for whats basically no reason at all. Plus kids run around, get mucky, there much more likly to acidently rip it out or get it infected. Its just not right man.

    Taking Life To Seriously? Just Remember We Are Talking Monkeys On An Organic Spaceship.

  • i was 4
    i asked to have them pierced and i remember it clearly, however i would not have my daughters ears pierced at a young age. i wish her to consent to it and i personally dont think they can at a young age.
    babies...........mmm, i think its wrong, how they must scream and how do they keep still?

  • I pierced my own ear when I was 11. But I was always a very independant kid. I was cooking (proper food, not chucking something in the mikro), cleaning my room and doing my own laundry at 8. I gues that's why mom let me keep it, because she trusted I would keep it clean during healing. And as she said "the damage is already done"

    But babies? I think not. At least not until they are old enough to say words like bacterial infection, allergic reaction, hepatitis C, tetanus and keloid. And definatly not before they can say no.

  • One thing no one has mentioned yet is that ears grow a significant amount through childhood. Therefore, if you pierce a baby's ears, those piercings are likely to move by the time the child hits five. Ironic really, they start out wanting to make their children look "pretty" and end up giving them strange looking ears :eek:

    Bonny had hers done when she was... five or six, I think? After months of nagging day and night. She was badly bullied at school for having glasses and when all the girls had their pierced, it didn't help her that she didn't (on the bullying front)
    I was hesitent to let her have them done, especially considering that it seemed, at the time, that she only wanted them done to stop the bullying. It turned out that she wanted them done to be like everyone else. Not something I happily promote but it made her feel better, and that's good enough for me.

    I went through the whole "You'll cry, it'll hurt, they'll get infected, your ears will fall off" palava but none of it deterred her. True enough, she didn't cry, and she implied that I was telling fibs because it didn't hurt, and her ears weren't going to fall off at all. Since we've started home-edding she barely wears earrings and the other girls haven't asked at all. If they did, I would encourage them to wait until they are older. Baby ear piercing? No thanks, just no.

  • I had a friend who had a double ear lobe because she had her ears pierced as a baby and at around three had her ear ring ripped out by a think pile carpet, it slit her ear lobe clean in half and due to infection it never grew together again

    she will forever have a double lobe poor girl, i can only imagine how scary it must have been she says she can remember it vividly,

  • My dad paid for my ear to be pierced at about 11. He watched thinking it would make me squeal. My daughter had hers pierced about the same age. When she was about 15 she asked if she could have her tongue done. I tried to put her off. Even went to the trouble of having my tongue pierced one saturday morning, just to show her that it hurts and swells up, in hopes of putting her off. I came out of the tattooist with my tongue pierced, phoned my daughter up to tell her what I had done and how crap it felt. She replied " guess what dad? I had my tongue pierced also this morning". Neither of us enjoyed Christmas diner that year.

  • The idea of doing any frivolous cosmetic procedure on a baby/young child incapable of declining the offer I find rather distateful, to be honest. Especially as there's a large risk of it gong awry in some way or another.

  • My parents had my ears pierced before I was a year old. (my gran is from Belgium and aparently it's a continental thing?) Luckily, I never had any problems with them, and was careful at school so they were never pulled out and I had no infections or anything.

    As an adult though, I would not allow my daughter to have her ears pierced until she was at an age where she was aware of the pain, the need to keep them clean and to be responsible for them.

    I too think it is a form of child abuse to do it when the child does not have a say in the matter. For most other types of piercings there are minimum ages, but although some places have their own minimum age for piercing ears, if you want to find somethwere that will do it on a baby you will find someone willing.

  • When I was little I always wished I had pierced ears- I wished my mum had had them done as a baby. I begged for them for years and had them done when I was 7, but they closed up. and again. And finally at age 10 or so stayed open. And now I have a daughter (3)who wants pierced ears and I say no. I don't actually understand my own reasons!

    There seems to be big cultural differences and generational differences in whether or not it is acceptable. It is worth remembering it is a potential source of infection, but I've never heard of any fatalities from it. Personally, I'd rather my daughter wasn't sleepless and in pain and crying for hours/days/weeks as I try to take care of them for her.

  • I don't really agree with it. It seems un-needed to me. Even if its not all that painful, why put a baby / child through ANY pain that they do not need.

    A child of mine would have to wait until they were old enough to ask themselves and understand the need to look after the piercing and be old enough to take care of it and keep it clean. I would guess maybe around 12yrs.

  • I talked to my piercer about this topic and he said that any good piercer won't pierce a child under around 6, because of ear growth piercings on the lobe tend to end up at the bottom of their ear years later, just attached by a tiny amount of flesh..