Piercings on children/babies

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  • I was just on facebook and read thread off one of my nieces who was asking advice basically if 5 yrs was too young to pierce her boys ears. He had asked to have it done .
    Then my other niece commented that she had her daughters ears pierced last month the baby was 4 months old at the time .

    At the moment i am trying my best not to make a comment about the baby , its winding me up big time . I dont think it is right to cause pain to a baby in that way . Am i being unreasonable?

  • I'm not sure - My sister got Kaitlyn's (my neice) ears done when she was 6 months. I had mine done when I was 1 years old and so did my sister.

    I think its more about the mothers wanted them to look more 'girly.' I don't know. I'd never do it myself, because if they want them done they can ask you when they are old enough to know what it is and then I'd say yes.

    I've never thought about it like that before!

  • Funny you should ask this as I was shocked and horrified when I saw on FB that my sister in law had piereced my baby nieces ear at 6 months!

    Like you, I thought that it must have been painful, was un-necessary, and that she should have waited until the child could understand and could express an opinion on whether she wanted it done or not.

    However, a Muslim friend of mine could not understand what all the fuss was about as she says in Asian culture it is common place to pierce babies ears, and she had hers done at a similar age.

    Guess it's all just a matter of personal preference/opinions?

  • I had my ear pierced when I was about 4 or 5. Note "ear" not "ears". I wanted my ears pierced, my mum went along with it but I decided after the first one it hurt too much and wouldn't let them pierce the other :p Mum took me all over the county to places where they used numbing cream etc (because I looked like a boy ;) ) but I refused point blank to let anyone near me :D Let it heal in the end and had both my ears pierced when I was about 8, again at my request, but mum sent me with a scary friend of hers who I didn't like so I was too scared to back out lol

    But babies, I personally think it looks weird and really don't think it's fair on the baby to have it done. If you want to mutilate yourself in a bid to look attractive (which lets face it, that's what piercings are) then fine but I can't see why it should be forced on a baby who has no say in the matter :shrug:

  • Having worked in a piercing shop where mum's would bring in babies for their ear piercing and they'd cry and scream the place down, I have to say I'm not comfortable with it. There were times where the piercer would refuse to pierce the child because they were clearly upset and the mums often went off on one shouting at us!

  • ahhh he babies dad is muslim but they are not together , maybe this was an influence , im not sure . I think it is hypercritical though as she also put a status up on how much she was dreading the baby having her jabs !

  • I think it's horrible to have a babies ears pierced, personally. Cruel, even - an older child can make a rational decision over whether they want to go through with it or not, knowing that the piercing could hurt like hell (and even then, they sometimes change their mind after the pain of the first ear!), but the pain would feel a lot greater to a baby, and it'd have no idea what was happening to it or why :( I think punching holes in anybodies ears without their permission is bang out of order.

    Tet's ex got Trinity's ears pierced when she was 4 - Trinity asked for it to be done, but I don't think at that age a child can really understand how painful it'll be, or how to look after them properly. Trinity was forever losing her earrings, or ripping them out accidentally during play, she couldn't put them back in herself, and there's no way she'dve been able to swab them and turn them for the first few weeks after having them pierced, she's just not mature enough. The holes have now closed up, and she's forgotten all about them. If she ever asks to have them done again, I should think Tet would make her wait until he thought she was old/mature enough be able to take them in and out herself, and to understand the importance of aftercare. That's certainly what i'd say to Rosie, if she asked for them.

    I had my ears pierced, by choice, in the summer hols before I started secondary school, when I was 11, paid for it with my pocket money, and did all the aftercare myself. I reckon that's a good age :)

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  • i had both my girls' ears done when they were babies. why? to get it over with before they were big enough to pull at them and stuff i suppose, other than that i have no amazing answer.
    it didn't appear to have a detrimental effect on either of them.

  • Regardless of culture or whatever, I find it quite sick. I'm forever seeing babies with pierced ears and I can't help but comment nearby at the disgust I feel at seeing that. I was 13 when mine were done, again it was something my mum and dad had to talk about - I'd asked earlier and they asked me to wait til I was 13. I'm happy for Kai to have piercings etc as long as she's old enough to make the decision. Same with new baby.

  • I find it really disturbing, and I'm confused about why people think it's alright to mutilate a child (I know that's a strong word, but that *is* what we're doing when we pierce our bodies) when they cannot possibly consent. I've always been surprised that it's even legal :eek: But then, I feel that way about circumcision too, unless it's for a specific medical reason, but that seems to be socially-acceptable, as it's required by some religions.

    Having your ears pierced may not be the most painful thing in the world, but it *is* a physical trauma, which takes time to heal. Why do that to your baby when you don't need to?

    I have a friend who had her ears pierced at birth... apparently that is standard practise in Gibraltar, where she is from. She says the same thing "well, it got it over with" ...but what if you weren't going to choose to have your ears pierced in the future, anyway? Not everyone does. I just... I don't get it, on any level. There's plenty of time in the future for the individual themselves to choose to get it done, so why not just wait and see if they do?

    My mum let me have mine done the first time when I was eight, which seems young to me now, but it was OK... I knew what I was signing up for and was mature enough to take care of them properly (which would not be the case for all eight-year-olds by any means) but I got them done at a hairdressers, and they did them wonky :-/ and unprofessionally. By the time I was 13, I had four piercings in each ear, and would have had my nose done too if the school would allow it. My mum was fine with that, so long as I knew what aftercare was required, and I expect I'll be the same with Izzy... her body, her choice, BUT she has to be capable of making a fully informed choice, and to be honest, I think most children under about eleven probably aren't.

  • I personally don't like seeing babies ears peirced - i was allowed mine peirced when i was 13 (after much begging my Dad concurred that making me wait til I was 18 was probably asking for trouble). Charlie had his ear peirced for his 12th birthday last year. I expect Henry and Cushla will want them done at some point but they can badger us for a few years first ;)

  • Personally I can't stand to see babies with their ears pierced - my eldest 2 had theirs done last year when they were 8 and 5 respectively - it was their choice, they'd been on about it for ages but I managed to put them both off due to the fact it's so expensive these days and that the schools wouldn't approve. I couldn't really argue with them about it though as my mum told them I was about 7 when I got mine done first so when they had them done, it was in the hairdressers I used to go to to get mine done - the girl actually remembered me from 12 years ago - so I knew I could trust the place. What got me was, everywhere we went that afternoon, people seemed really shocked that we'd waited so long to have them done - cos of course the 2 of them had to tell EVERYONE! And of course being kids, the novelty soon wore off and after a while they stopped putting them back in after sports at school.

  • I think that skewering a baby for the sake of a parents vanity is bordering on abuse personally. I'm not against piercing, just had my nearly 15yr old daughters done for her birthday on Saturday and my son had his done, at his request for his 10th, but a baby has no choice. I feel very strongly about piercing a child who can't even stand up never mind ask to have it done.

  • I think having a child's ears pierced before they are even able to ask for it is a form of child abuse. So what, it'll hurt less now? Doubt it, and they won't understand why it's hurting. Once they're old enough to ask they're old enough to have it done.

    My first piercing was a day before my 20th birthday. I had no interest up till then as I was big into various sports and didn't have time to left them heal.

  • I don't agree with babies having it done, i mean its not as if the child has asked is it so who is it for? I did'nt get my ears pierced until i was 12 and that was after a couple of years of nagging to have them done.

  • I had mine done at 6. I went on to get an infectin and came close to having that bit of ear removed. Hd i of been a baby i dread to think what would of happend

  • its horrible! ive seen so many babies with metal shoved through their ears and its wrong.
    The child needs to make that decision - and relise that not every girl/woman has metal shoved through their ears.
    Ive had mine done at 14ish and took them out at 15ish - im now 27 (or 26) and never had it done again - cant see the point of it really.

  • My daughter asked to have her ears pierced when she was 4. I explained to her that it would hurt, and that if she had one done, she had to go through with having the second one done and she insisted that she wanted to do it. I agreed to it and took her to have her ears done. She was brilliant, just stood there and let them do it, and one of the staff came over and gave her a pair of "diamond" hair slides because she had been so brave. She let me clean them and turn them for her until they were healed and was great about it.
    I would never have a child's ears pierced when they were too young to ask for it and certainly if they were too young to understand that it might hurt.
    Having said that, I don't think ear piercings hurt that much, I wouldn't see it as cruel or abusive to have a babies ears pierced, but I still wouldn't do it until they were old enought to understand and to ask.

  • One thing that worries me is that kids will fiddle with them which can cause infections. New piercings should be left alone for 6 weeks (and not turned!) and cleaned once a day. Most kids can't keep their fingers out of their noses or from picking scabs so chances are that they'll mess with their ears too.

  • It's fecking sick, despicable, and done solely for the benefit of the parents. I'm pretty sure that when I was young, it was not legal before the age of 13?? Or maybe that was just a guideline.

    The worst bit of first aid that I have had to administer in seven years of working with children in the outdoors, was a five year old sent into school with hoop earrings (against school rules, but not enforced). Her friendship group were playing tag on the little adventure playground and she slipped on the scramble net. Earring caught on net, girl carried on sliding. Bled like a stuck pig sums it up pretty succinctly.

  • I love piercings and have a lot myself. I still find it horrible and wrong on babies and even small children. Like what's been said above - its done purely for the parents benefit and has no benefit at all to the baby. New piercings make your risk of getting an infection much higher (which is why you shouldn't get pierced when pregnant) and would you really want to increase a small baby's chance of infection? When they are that little their bodies are not as good at fighting off infection as when they are bigger. With small children (personally I don't like it on little ones) but apart from personal taste, I'd be so worried about them being pulled out (like what Twiggy said in the above post). Can you imagine having your earring pulled out or caught in something so much so that you end up with a mutilated ear as an adult that looks horrible with or without earrings?!! There is plenty of time for piercings when the child is old enough to look after it properly and knows what they are getting themselves into IMO.

  • I don't know a single piercing studio round here that will pierce anyone under the age of 14, even with parental consent. Am i right in thinking the majority of these kids have been pierced with a gun instead of needle :/. Either way it shouldn't be done so young.

  • When I took Charlie to have his ear peirced I had to sign a consent form and they didn't do any peircings on children under the age of 5 I think it was...

  • I had mine don't at about 6 months too. I can understand the argument that a baby is less likely to play with the piercing and aftercare may be easier, but think that it's best to wait until the child is old enough to make the decision themselves and also care for the piercing themselves.
    I then had to wait until about 12-13 for a second set of piercings in my ear.
    I now have quite a 8 piercings and also 3 tattoos...

  • I love piercings and have a lot myself. ...

    ... There is plenty of time for piercings when the child is old enough to look after it properly and knows what they are getting themselves into IMO.

    pretty much sums it up for me too

    also at this very moment i've got a 15 year old girl that desperately wants to get her nose peirced. i dont have a problem with that at all BUT her school would throw her out. So she'll just have to wait a few more weeks till her exams are over:)