28th May ::: KANYINI feat ZubZub (live) in Wolverhampton

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  • Hi Newsreader where is it that you're moving to nr (ish) Wolverhampton ? NIght of fun ?? it all depends what kind of music you're into really I'm about the only person putting on hippy trance culture stuff, but then I generally do stuff in Birmingham this gig is just to give Wolves a kick up the backside. but for general gigs in Wolverhampton there at least 4 good venues and most bands pass through the place at sometime, clubbing in Wolverhampton, is a different kettle of fish the place is mainly a rock town and there are a couple of rock clubs, and indie kind of things No underground dance music really (apart from my night) there is a little club called alchemy that has more comercial dance styles on. Pubs in Wolves worth a look at The royal London, Hogs Head, the varsity, the newhampton, the cumbamere arms.

  • I'm moving to Ludlow btw, and my tastes in music are pretty varied. I like a good bit of old school dance music, if I'm honest. Nothing like a bit of a shakeass. Your gigs sound like my cup of tea.

  • out in Ludlow kind of area (really some distance from Wolverhampton) there's lost of summer raving in barns. Barn Boppers, Rinsed, the folks out in Church streton (can't think what they're called) quite often the musics not my cup of tea (they seem to be on a techno, electro , beatsy almost drum n bass but not quite - step kind of tip).
    If no one turns up to this it will be the last in Wolverhampton, but I live in hope I've got Eat Static pencilled in for later in the year.

  • [INDENT]we have a Jon Kenobi CD and ZubZub ticket deal for our up coming event, for £15 we will send you a copy of Jon Kenobi's 'About time' cd http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ppn/ppn1cd003.html(released on Australien PsyPnuematix records) and a ticket for the event we have on the bank holiday featuring ZubZub & Jon Kenobi
    you will have to send the money by paypal to me at anton.cosmonaughty@googlemail.com you should also send me an email confirming the address you want your CD & ticket sending to. this offer runs until May 20th (then we have time to send out the cd's.) any questions please pm me.

  • Thanks people for your ongoing support for Kanyini the event at the Slade rooms in Wolverhampton is this Saturday (28th May) here’s the running order :

    8:00 til 9:20 Rowan Elf

    9:20 til 10:20 SPOROPHORE (live)

    10:20 til 11:45 CosmoNaughty

    11:45 til 1:00 ZUBZUB (live)

    1:00 til 3:00 Jon Kenobi

    If you’re coming please do us a big favour and be at the Slade rooms early, smoking unfortunately at the venue is outside (I’d sugest back of the building is the best place rather than the busy street) If you’re travelling back by public transport there are coaches back to Birmingham & London at 3:55 , Manchester at 3:45 , And Stafford at 5:00 coaches run by National Express http://www.nationalexpress.com/home.aspx

    Hope you can all make down on Saturday and make it a night to remember