Open Univercity?

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  • Hi all has i'm thinking of doing an open univercity course|pcrid|9167959177#qualifications

    but need a little advice, how do i work out the funding it asks about houshold income mum thinks that it wont include step-dads income but i'm not too sure?

    Also i looked at the finacial support bit and it said i was eligeble for £755 the course is only £255.00 so does that mean i'd get it for free? or does it mean i'd have to pay somthing towards it?

    Thanks for any advice kate x :D

  • If you're eligible for £755 you'd get it for free, you may also get a course grant of around £200. Give them a ring and speak to the people in the finance team, they'll be able to answer all your questions and they're usually really helpful :)

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  • i would think it would include stepdad too if he lives with you hun, and yes that means you would get the course for free and more money besides for study material like a laptop and stuff

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  • I do open university, they are quite good, i dont get fees paid though. I just took the oubsa loan and pay it back everymonth. I find their online journals, databases and library services to be very very good. They are very worthwhile going with, especially now seeing as uni fees are going up

  • I OU'ed in the end and it was fab! I worked a demanding job fulltime and spent the rest of the time swotting in my books, loved it.

    You ring them and ask, regarding the funding - they're fantastic and will make sure you get everything you need :)