What our cats are currently up to...

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  • My two are getting ready to go to the vet for their booster jabs (and a manicure), though they don't know it yet... they're going to hate me in a minute!

  • Mine had their jabs on Monday. Last year (their very first trip to the vet) they were off their food for a day or two, one more than the other. This time there has hardly been a reaction at all, apart from both bolting outside with unusual speed as soon as they were back home!

  • Yep, mine seem to be back to their usual selves now, but Pixie especially was a bit quieter than usual for a couple of days. He was sick on saturday morning, and again this morning (but that was a furball!), but he's back to causing mayhem again now!

    The had their nails trimmed for the first time as well (they were getting a bit long and catching on things), and I'm wondering how long it will take for them to get sharp again. They keep falling off things, and can't climb their tree!

  • It's pretty easy to trim them yourself. Oscar likes to sink his claws into my knee when he's in my lap, think I might have to trim them

  • Dora has a new game. Charging along the roofs of the houses on my row jumping the (very narrow) gaps in between. But she can build up a fair speed, and makes one hell of a racket while she does it. :D