any hippy horse riders?

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  • I used to ride up until I was 13/14, then it was uncool for guys to ride horses, and sorta stopped.... Really wish I had not!!!

    I love horses and wish I could ride now, I would ride everywhere!!!

  • yes, i was a horse mad kid, cant afford one, but when i was youngster i used to help out at a riding school & get a free ride [god the falls ive had, im surprised i didnt break any bones!]
    loved to go riding again, love cobs & shires especially

  • Hi
    I ride and train horses reading your thread would luv to find some out riding like you have found.
    The trouble living in the south east it's so busy and not really save for riding out around here.... the one in the picture is a ex racehorse which i have trained this was for a tv show.

    wow...reminds me of a film i saw called 'the black stallion'