Help me finish my doula training!

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  • hey folks,

    as some of you know i did my doula training course some time ago, i did all the work etc and finished the course, but in order to get on their register and be considered and advertised by them as no longer a student i have to do some more work, this basically involves writing up any work i have done in a doula capacity, and getting written confirmation of what i did and how it helped etc. so im asking anyone on here who feels like i have helped them in that way if they will write some of it down and pm/email it to me.

    bit of a cheek i know but if im gonna get a few unpaid jobs, ones where i perform all the functions of a doula, and attend some more births as a 'student' and work postnatally i need something to show people, maybe put on a website i can direct people too etc. and it will also be something i can add to my submissions to the training people.

    it doesnt have to be right away this minute, cos im not ready to go full time on it anytime soon, but i want to keep progressing, and part of that is getting prepared:)

    i will be offering my services to any and all who need them on here, sort of work in exchange for experience and the permission to write about it for my full registration,it can all be done anonymously or under assumed names if you would prefer, as i am very aware of maintaining my clients privacy.

    well thankyou in advance peoples:)

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  • thanks hunny:) if you think you would benifit from some doula type input them pm me babe, but its got to be something you need, dont ask just so i can write stuff down! having a c-section makes no difference at all babe, doula support is about the whole process, the way the baby is deleivered is only one part of that:)

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.

  • Do you still need anything written up? Only you helped me a lot, with advice and reassurance at various points of this pregnancy. I'm not here often, but you know how to get hold of me if you need it.

  • thanks babe, i do need it yes cos no-one has had time to write anything down for me yet! and i dont like to hassle peeps with little baba's, lol:)

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.

  • You can hassle me for stuff anytime - best to do it on me email or by text :)

    I will need to know what exactly I'm to write - easiest probably if you send me an fb message, as it comes to my email. x