does anyone know of a sound mechanic in yorkshire area please?

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  • Hey peeps,

    santapod - sorry to hear you got that problem twice! that sucks. i hope it aint that here...

    gyrolady - thanks for that advice! i was indeed going to ask him about where all those bits are - nice to have a list of the actual bits i need to ask about now though - thanks! hehe. i'm taking her over tomorrow. finally! well, if i get her started that is. i'm parked at the top of a hill right now, so i guess jump-starting is always an option, although i've never even done that before either! (boy-o-boy am i at the very bottom of this learning curve! haha)

    ponderlonger - i've been organising all this through our mutual friend, so i should be able to get the guy's contact details tomorrow all being well, and will let you know. the mechanic i spoke to in leeds also used to know someone with a very well-looked after fleet of old mercs and a bunch of parts apparently. he's been trying to get back in touch with him, so if he does, i'll let you know ;) where in yorkshire are you?

  • Cheers teabird
    Any contacts are worth a try, the engines I need bits for are v old, om636's, probably late 60's!
    I can get new bits but the prices are not good for my health, or my pocket.
    Im in the York area a lot of the time, I was about to offer my services but hopefully you man is making her better??
    I havent anywhere undercover but let me know if you get stuck!

  • *fanfare* finally! and fingers crossed the problem is fixed (please-o-please-o-please) timing chain had stretched. apparently it's quite common in those engines? anyway, new timing chain is in, and i'm going to get her tomorrow.

    ponderlonger - i've asked about the engine parts your after too. yet to hear back, but will let you know when i do. and thanks very muchly for your kind offer of help. i may still need it yet, being the noobie i am ;)


  • cheers guys :)

    only thing is, the mechanic's pretty much telling me not to throw any more money into her. and the starter motor is now sounding unhappy, and this and that and this and that, and i'm starting to think i should just give up right now. yeah, so i'll lose out on a bunch of money i've already put in, but i just think she'll be better off with someone who can sort her out themself. my head aint in the right place for all this stress. much as i want to live in the van and get outta the city and to wherever i want to be, squatting my damp, moldy room in a grim part of leeds is becoming favourable, due to being a lot less stressful :(