Knockengorroch Festival 2011

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  • Knockengorroch 2011.jpg

    Knockengorroch Festivall 2011 is coming.

    • Click here for the festival website.
    • Click here for tickets.
    • Click here for news.
    • Click here for links.
    • Click
      for YouTube video of the festival (bit old, but gives an impression).

    Red Kite yurts are in discussions with the festival management about providing Yurts as accommodation at teh festival. We would like to here from anyone who would be interested in hiring a Yurt for the weekend. Feel free to drop Nathan a line - -

    Please feel free to leave reviews, news, memories etc about previous years at Kcockengorroch Festival.

  • Ummm, Red Kite forgot to mention that those links go to the old version of the website.

    Them up at Knockengorroch are working on a new site, which hopefully should be online soon.

    In the meantime you can buy tickets for 2011 by contacting the organisers through the old site - and it's definitely worth it :D

  • Oops!!
    Yes, forgot to mention that. Must admit some of the formatting in that post is a bit suspect as well. Also - couldn't seem to find any post 2007 videos. It was my 2nd or 3rd post - Ever! so still getting to know how it all works.

  • the new website i mentioned before is now up and working, its a bit slow to load but be patient and wonders will be revealed! (you can get to it via red kite's link above)

    newsreader, take a holiday, do a sicky, go to knock! this is one of the last true non-commercial festis left and if the weather is like this there will be swimming in the river, yippee! Lau are playing, they are supposed to be really good, i havent seen them yet but i will at knock, can't wait...

  • Weirdigans needs one more crew member for our cafe at Knockengorroch. Someone up for working hard, getting fed and earning a bit of cash as well as a ticket in. We like to meet people before taking them on, so ideally you'd be able to come meet us in the next week or so - in Hebden Bridge (West Yorks) or at Bearded Theory festival.

    If you're interested check out our website for more info then email me.

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