what are your issues or bad traits?

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  • This is one of the biggest things that we need to look at as an individual to move forward and become a better being.
    when you ask a lot of people what their issues are,they tend not to come up with any particulary fast,this is because without giving much thought to them,we often tend to ignoreto help these little demons of our charecter.
    However this post is to help us all post whatever our bad charecteristics are,so that not are we only confirming them to ourselves,and bringing to light that we have got personal issues that need dealing with,but we are also opening our true selves to others on the forum and to the possibility of good advice coming from others that we could benefit from.

    My biggest issue is that I am not a very patient person,especially in a scenario when someone says that they will be wherever at 2 o clock and dont turn upould til twenty past.I start thinking bloody hell,I am wasting my life away waiting for people,whereas I could be using those moments that I am waiting to do something more productive,rather than just stopping my life and waiting.
    However I could sit outside a badgers set or something like that all night.

    so,what are your issues,and what do you think that you could do to improve them?

    together we can build each other up until we become better people.

    Love and light


  • I could of wrote that response in mine actually,anything worth doing is worth over doing eh!

    we could also but that down in our positive section,that we give 100 percent at whatever we get involved in.

    come on hippies,you have all got a bad trait somewhere!!

  • i fall in love to easy .
    i worry to much .
    my heart breaks to easy .
    I can't walk by a motorbike shop.

  • well you will hate me, im late for everything, always
    im really shy and hate approaching new people and hate making phone calls to strangers
    i procrastinate and waste so much time, like this week, i have achieved pretty much nothing in the last 4ish days, im also very lazy

    i know my issues, doing something about it is the hard part

  • they tend not to come up with any particulary fast

    Is that really true? I could rattle off a million things without giving it much thought, becuase everything I hate about myself is all I can think about pretty much all of the time.

    So I guess that means that I'm self-centered, obsessive and insecure. I have social phobia and worry continuously what other people are thinking about me. I have no confidence in my ability to do anything, including my job, and I'm too self-concious to string together a coherent sentence most of the time. I can't concentrate on what people are saying to me, because there's a constant monologue of negative background crap going on in my head - I miss things in conversations because of this, which makes me appear stupid. I don't want to ever hurt anyone's feelings, to the point where I can't stand up for myself or say no to people, which has led to some bad situations. If anyone lets me down (like when people are 20 mins late), I feel either immediately rejected and worthless, or I convince myself that said person has had an accident or died somehow. I despise my appearance, the way I walk, stand, sit and speak. If I accidentally see myself in a mirror or on camera (store CCTVs) I feel disgusted by what I see. I want so much to share my life with someone, but find it nearly impossible to form new relationships. I have more issues floating round in my head than anything else.

    Of course, I can hide most of this in 'real life'. :)

  • i fall in love to easy .
    i worry to much .
    my heart breaks to easy .
    I can't walk by a motorbike shop.

    Were we separated at birth? :eek:

    to add what i share with joss...

    procrastinate far too much
    sugar, nicotine, caffiene junkie
    and an occasional tendency to be bossy and dismissive - note *occasional* have been working on these...

  • lol.

    comfort eating. big time. im working on it and was doing really well last year, but a huge increase in stress levels has come and its so easy to fall back into those old habits, its a fight. combine that with not actually eating many proper meals and hey presto....me. lol but it is something im aware of and working on.

    a mild case of social phobia...i find it really hard to communicate with people when i first meet them, scared they will judge or dislike me...end up either coming across as bossy or a bit dim....eye contact is something i find hard at first, where as once i know someone well im pretty good at it, lol. but this problem is only with people i actually like and want to like me, most people i dont really care what they think. it hurts me a lot more than it should if someone really dislikes me, cos i do my best to get on with everyone and hate conflict. i've spent most of my life sufffering the effects of 'not wanting to upset anyone' and have had to force myself to learn to stand up for myself and i dont like having to do it, would much rather everyone was just nice to eachother and find the whole spectrum of weird shit people do to eachother very hard to handle.

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.

  • Being afraid to deal with the things I'm afraid of - which pretty much covers every other issue that someone might identify in me. :D
    (No point waiting to change, e.g get more confident, before you do things in life, you have to do things to allow the change.)

    Oh, and I'm not a hugely patient person. ;)

  • Beach comber,it is already a positive thing that you have awareness of these charecterictics that you dislike in yourself.The first step in fixing any problem is the realisation of what the faults is,then addressing each fault individualy.
    To help yourself move forward you realy have to break down these issues and give them some time,and think why do I not like that?,would I be happier if I changed that?,how do I change that?
    Just asking yourself these questions is already your inner self coming forward to address these issues,which means you are on a forward going path.
    If you address one problem at a time and give time to self improvement,then the speed in which you advance into a state of positive mind can be amazing. If you can not think of a way personally to fix something that bothers you then air your concerns on a site. If other issues dont let you do that,then ask on a site where you dont know anyone,or use another name.
    There are many lovely and wise people on here who have worked hard to create who they are and have often gone through shit and have dropped down realy low,before coming out the otherside as a positive person,myself included.

    I used to be a fairly negative person and didnt believe in myself what-so-ever,but nowadays I spend a lot of time in a state of smilyness and always (99 percent) have a very positive outlook.The most important part of becoming who I have become has been the helping of others and os being involved in good causes.This little by little gave me a feeling of well being and made me realise that to be doing this then I must actually be a good person and my self belief grew.

    If you beechcomber or anybody else has got any issues that you dont feel like you can voice on a forum,but know that you need help with then please feel free to contact me by private mail and I will happily help where I can.

    something else that can make people feel better about who they are is good comment,and our words and praise. we feel much better about ourselves at the end of the day,when people have been nice to us,whether for something we have done,or just a positive comment about who we are. what may seem like a simple comment such as "I like your jumper" of "you have a lovely smile" or whatever can realy make a difference in people lives,and if people here good things often,it can help them enormously on their lifes path.

    a few more things on my bad list are

    I can be too serious about things
    I get angry (more so when there is injustice)
    I am too much in control to cry
    I sometimes judge a book by its cover(big fault,but am working on it).
    I can be too much of a hippie sometimes.

    I am sure there are others faults too,and I do appreciate constructive criticism from anyone.

    Also visit the good point list and look at qualities on there and see which you possess or which inspire you,this will also help build you up into a greater being.

    love and light


  • ..I am toooo nice:whistle:

    i too have this issue... also i worry too much and also sometimes care to much....i'm a huge dreamer and sometimes live with my head in the clouds but yet at the same time i'm also very grounded..I'm afraid of some social situations....but...... i'm working on it.... :D

  • I'm unmotivated. Im impatient. I can have a short temper. I have no confidence and am very critical of myself. I drink far too much. I care far to much about what people think of me and am prone to spells of paranoia.

  • i am looking for the last one of these threads.. i think janna started it. can anyone find it for me? or was it a good things about you thread?

    Janna started a thread on saying nice things about yourself. The last thread was Atomik's (what are your character failings?), if that's the one you're thinking of. Here...

    I'll have a read of the old one and might consider merging them.

    *edit* Nah, not gonna merge them, the old one finished in September and is slightly different to this one.

  • I've got the social skills of Kaspar Hauser on acid. :S
    I can be incredibly shallow. Yes, the way I look bothers me a lot.
    I'm pretty moody.
    I worry too much.
    I find it hard to prioritise.

  • i just wanted to see if anyone had changed lol... got rid of any good bits..hehe

  • QUOTE] it hurts me a lot more than it should if someone really dislikes me, cos i do my best to get on with everyone and hate conflict. [/QUOTE]

    you and me both on that one..
    I really dont like arguements and conflict, but have had to learn to deal with it.
    I know I can come across as a bit bossy, Phoebe says I nag her. (sigh)
    I can get really stressy if we have to be somewhere and are late.. (am working on this, but I have a daughter who makes procrastination an art form)
    I am untidy at home, and over organised when we are on festival sites.
    I have to pack the truck MY WAY! well otherwise things get missed. :o

  • i get wrapped up in my own emotions to easily
    i dwell on the past too much
    i am very argumentative
    i get moody & stroppy too much
    i worry about things & over analyse everything
    i am extreamly vain & very shallow when it comes to my appearance
    i spend too much money too often
    i am very bossy

    * Go tell the sun * Go tell the rain * Something inbetween *
    * Is happening these days *

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  • I would say that the not being able to walk past a skip without looking in,is a good point. a keen eye for a free bargain and a bit of recycling to boot.
    nought wrong with that.

  • I'm not entirely sure there is enough web space available for me to start making a list :) I think it is interesting that you brought up that people don't know there failings, I think they do, its admitting them they have a problem with.

  • hence there being a good point section too. I was just suggesting this as reasons pre mentioned,as sometimes to air ones reality can bring the problem out and help go on to fixing it. If you dont think this can help you personally,the best thing is to ignore the post as from now,or if you think au contraire,then feel free to share.

    love and light