Pet Prescriptions

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  • I may be the last person to cotton on to this........:rolleyes: but I thought I would share just in case.....

    Two of my animals (a dog and a cat) are on repeat prescriptions which are costing me an arm and a leg per month. I've just looked for the drugs on line and have found them half price. Even with the vets charge for the prescription they still work out considerably vet has also offered to match the online price. Just wish someone had told me sooner :rolleyes:

  • Yup, that's a case for so many of the pet meds, lots of them don't even need a prescription.
    Arty was told he needed tablets for months that cost £30 a month and I got them online for a fiver (which is good as he didn't need them for that long after all!)

  • we have one cat that is diabetic, and the problem is that he doesnt use a whole 10ml in the 4 weeks before it goes off - this is the only size available online and even there its £50 a vial. our vet supplies 2.5ml vials for about £15 a time and they last us about 3 weeks so we use one up. so for us we have no alternative. at least until e can get the smaller vials online. the syringes are about £4 for 10, and because they are graduated for 40 unit/ml insulin cant be obtained elsewhere either.

  • most of the medicines my dog has needed have required a perscription, I checked online but found them no cheaper than what the vet charges, maybe im looking on the wrong site?
    They also wont repeat the perscription without consultation, which I can understand, but cant understand how they justify the fee.
    I use human medicines where possible because of the saving, once I have researched in depth!

  • ah yes many vets love to double or triple the price of medicens our vets want to charge us £20 to empty megs sharps bucket when the local pharmastit will do it for nothing and a vet once told my mums friend that she could get some tablets that she'd just paid £50 for that he gets them for far less at boots theres no wonder vets are rolling in it because they know the majoraty of people wont look else were for there pets meds and just buy off them

  • according to the pharmasist they can be stored for quite a while aslong as it is unopened and it also says on the side of the bottle when it runs out

  • I had an email answer from petmeds at 6 15pm, saying they had checked the boxes and they were july 2012 expiry - great service - visiting vet on Monday to pick up the next batch so will ask for a prescription then.
    so lets see what happens.