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  • HI, does any of you hippies know if it will muck my van up and what are the fines if caught?

    I have herd so many different things just wondering your thoughts:D

  • Its exactly the same as normal diesel but its red. There is literally no difference.

    Yes you can put it in your van, no you dont want to get caught (i dont know the value of the fines, but its fairly high)

    Its up to you if you want to take the risk.

    If you can somehow register your vehicle for agricultural use im sure you can blag it.

  • Ok i don't know the fine , but i have been told that if you out a pint of old engine oil in and fill up the tank with red the oil turns the diesel black and vosa can't tell what colour it is ? but i've never done that ?

  • no it will not fuck up yer engine - but i also don't know what the fines are.
    we buy red diesel (legit) for the boat, about 80p a litre, but we are twitchy about putting it in the car........

    andy says....

    'as far as i am aware the fine varies, they decide how much you've used and charge the tax, plus the court costs..
    so probably a year of thirty a week, something like that, big risk, but not likely to be caught to be honest..
    the engine apparently smokes a lot more, so is spotable, but the timing on our van is out, so we smoke stacks anyway, and so far, touch formica, haven't been pulled yet.'

    so there.

  • Red diesel is used in agricultural vehicles and is not subject to the same tax as diesel for road use (Derv, which stands for diesel engined road vehicles). It's dyed red solely for the purpose of enabling customs and excise to tell if you are using it on the road, and they will get cross if they catch you with red diesel in your tank, though I don't know what the fines are or how likely they are to dip your tanks. What's wrong with using a bit of cooking oil instead? I wouldn't recommend putting old engine oil in your fuel lol, eeuuuwww. :D

  • I dont know about the fines, but I do know they are confiscating vehicles when found to be using red diesel. Anything that looks like its had old engine oil put in it, is now tested back at the lab and if its to disguise red derv use. same will apply, a fine or confiscation of vehicle.

    Some people genuinely burn old engine oil in with their fuel and this is quite legal to do so. It does make the diesel turn a dirty black.
    I had my last van dipped at the side of the road.
    Testing is becoming much more common, their even checking more diesel cars nowadays.

    Like Julian says ~ veg oil is a safer option if your wanting to save money and you can buy ready filtered old veg oil online in bulk.

  • It will not affect the running of the engine at all, no more smoke etc. In actual fact, it's better in my opinion, because they haven't started blending bio-diesel with it yet, which shortens the life of filters., But a farmer friend of mine was told by the fuel company that they're about to start putting bio diesel in it, like white diesel. Anyway, besides the point. You've got to weigh up the risks of getting caught, could be large fine, crushing of vehicle, done for tax evasion etc. I've never used red on the road, but i've done 30,000 per year for the last 10 years, and have never been dipped, maybe i've just been lucky? I've heard tales of people using split tanks, so the filler neck has white diesel in, but there's a hidden filler for the red part of the tank.... the ministry are probably wise to all these scams though? I not sure it's wise to broadcast intentions like this on a public internet forum though, you never know who might be reading it.....:plod::

  • So out interest, and I have no interest in doing it because it's also too expensive, can you run a diesel on heating oil?

  • Not entirely sure, maybe if blended, I believe it lacks essential lubricants that are required for diesel engines & also think It burns at a higher temp, but may be wrong.
    I do know a fine vehicle I had came to a sudden & v hot death on a private motorway when trialling it!

  • So out interest, and I have no interest in doing it because it's also too expensive, can you run a diesel on heating oil?

    I don't know what they use for heating oil these days but unless its changed, its basically shit diesel. It should work ok if you can find an industrial centrifuge to extract all the gunk, as well as washing out the sulphur and other salts which typically contaminate this stuff. Otherwise, don't go near it

  • red is fine to run u truck on. you prob never get u tank diped if you dont work in agriculture, they tend to dip tanks at point to points yfc rallys and things. if u live in a town and have a non muddy truck u will be fine (imo)

  • So out interest, and I have no interest in doing it because it's also too expensive, can you run a diesel on heating oil?

    Its becoming a big problem out here in the sticks. heating oil being stolen from garden tanks regularly. Its so bad now that police are pulling large merc/transits vans in the countryside as a routine, just for this reason. I don't know if heating oil is then mixed with vehicle diesel or sold on as heating oil. Over the last few months, the cost of heating oil has increased by 40%

    As for tank dipping.... Its so easy... all the police require is a transparent flexi plastic bottle & a bit of hose. Suck up the diesel out the tank. if its clear, squeeze it straight back into the tank.

  • I know a couple of people who have been caught recently, one was running an old landrover and was fined £500 plus VAT and the other buys red for his agricultural labouring business and they fined him £1000 plus VAT and sent in a recovery vehicle and crushed his 4X4. They also sent him a bill for the recovery......£320 plus VAT......

  • your vehicle will be taken by the boys in blue and crushed. Dont run red unless you want to loose your motor, unless your a farmer type of course - and i thin a builder too

  • HMRC have a page dedicated to fuel here:…ocument&id=HMCE_CL_000164

    The offences & penalties section doesn't specify an amount for the fine (it just says: civil penalties under Section 9 of the Finance Act 1994 or an Excise wrongdoing penalty under Schedule 41 of Finance Act 2008. Your vehicle (or engine) being seized and forfeited. If your conduct involves dishonesty, a penalty of up to 100% of the duty evaded may be imposed.) It gets a bit more serious if you try to remove the markers or obstruct the inspectors.

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  • Definately not worth the bother; go the veg oil route instead if you can get it free from the local chippy and then filter it properly (scrumps dont burn well in the engine :D), blended 50/50 with regular deisel.

    "The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can't do."

  • yes your van will be taken by the boys in blue..i do use veg oil .. but do not use it if you have a cav lucas injecter pump as they can fail ..u can use veg legaly as long as u do not exceed 2500 litres per pug runs on 50 % diesil 50% veg and 2 liters of used when doing long motorway run ..ooh my vans a pug boxer with boch injector pump..

  • They set up sting up here a few years ago, when people were pulling into a petrol station and filling with red. From what I remember £500 fine and a warning if caught again vehicle impounded.

  • Some places where I've bought red diesel for the tractor has asked me to sign what I'm planning to use it for. There's a distance element for road use of red in agricultural vehicles. Tractors get pulled round here if they are too far from home and tested. Personally wouldn't risk it in a road vehicle at all.

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  • What if you mixed red with white??? would the red dye still dominate it? Can you get done for pink fuel? I've never been pulled and tested and our van can smoke at times.
    Looked into running on veg oil alot and pretty much everyone seems to say make sure you have a BOSCH fuel pump or change the pump as others are not up to it and can soon seize with the gunk.

  • When I first started reading this thread I started to get worried by all the "nah it doesn't really matter" replies! I am so glad people started giving knowledgable answers!

    Using red diesel in a road vehicle is a very very Bad Thing to do. As has been said: your vehicle will be confiscated and possibly crushed, you will be fined vast amounts of money, and in the future VOSA will be on your tail permanently. Believe me, VOSA guys really do have nothing better to do than chase people and throw the book at them, so don't let anyone tell you they will let you off or 'not notice'.

    ANY red diesel in your tank is detectable and it is one of the worst offences in the eyes of VOSA. They take genuine delight in catching people using it :)

  • Hi thay do regular checks here in northwalsahm and small vehicles have had the normal £500 on the spot fine but if you have no funds then its by by vehicle. you can filter the die using silver sand but this makes the fuel finner and this is the dead give away i know of one chappie hew had a toyota luton that never whent into a filling station and run on heating oil strait in the tank but you could smell it a mile away.
    also heating oil is purra than diesel giving it a lower flash point this causes the hotter running and diesel knocks. its the gready that gets caught. maybe 60/40 mix should be hard to trace. Thinner fuel will go through your injectors quicker so you use more. We have enougth problems and bad press ! I recon thay would be chuffed to get a hippy bus and crush it. so dont be a satistic i know of one that got crushed recently but thats another storry. Go to a filling station and keep your reciepts for when thay eventually stop you. Danny