UK Hippy is satanic....

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  • oh me oh my ..... :angel:

    I just thought I should warn all the virginal out there.....

    *** Ma-Crap's top tips for surviving this satanic UK Hippy spell ***

    1. watch it this weekend if someone says

    "heeerrrrrrrres johnny" :reddevil: :sex:

    2. Acost all the religious nuts you know and ask them to pray as you have bore witness to the sign of the devil :reddevil:

    3. Turn to brother drew for guidance as he is our saviour to get us through this satanic spell.. member number 333 innit ;)

  • And just before 06/06/06 and all :p
    today in work some nut came in talking about the sixth of june this year being a day for satanism and blah blah blah.... nut bags the lot of em!!! :P

  • Quote from Irish Hippy

    And just before 06/06/06 and all :p
    today in work some nut came in talking about the sixth of june this year being a day for satanism and blah blah blah.... nut bags the lot of em!!! :P

    The Omen's being released 6/6/06. How many years have they been waiting to remake it? LOL

  • Was thinkin it would take you longer to guess, but yes

    I AM De BeAST :reddevil:

    All those hours spent meditating just put me in touch with my deeply ingrained bad-man side ;)

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh YEAH :cool:

  • Just as a little bit of trivia:

    Do you know that lucifer literally means 'light bringer'

    Those naughty christians, always glorifying ignorance and demonising understanding.

    Also, do you know they always go on about sheep because sheep follow unquestioningly, and are happy to stay with the group, while they demonise goats as they are loaners and won't easily be forced around.

    Ain't it the truth...

  • A few months ago it was prooven that the passage containing the Number of the Beast was mis-translated, andt he number is acutally 616.

    Which means it acutlaly happened on 06/01/06 ;)

  • Quote from scarlettdee

    poor goat:whistle:

    you don't wanna know where that conversation went on Monday [STRIKETHROUGH]morning[/STRIKETHROUGH] afternoon when The Dougal, Orange Paul and myself very wrongly worked out between us how to insert the goat's tether in Andrews nether regions....:eek: :eek: :eek: :reddevil:

  • Yes, some Christians have a misconception of satan or the devil. Buddha taught us that all comes from mind, so the devil is really none other than ourselves. The hells and heavens are right here, right now also. It just depends on how you look at it. I always liked the cartoon where there is one angel on your shoulder and the other one satan. So the devil, god, buddha, everything comes from our minds. So what are our minds?
    That one you have to answer, where there is no answer, that is an answer .(this sounds confusing? think about it?)Tell me what you come up with- a zen koan.
    many blessings
    Yao Feng

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    From: cosmo
    Date: Jun 1, 2006 10:44 AM

    erm, do you know who satan is? are there any friends or enemies, i prefere to think of everyone as my friend as they have shown the kindness of a mother of each other in previous life.
    does satan arise from christian conceptuality? because i think some people think that satan exists and should be considered an enemy...

  • Quote from wiggy

    WOW aint that wierd

    Duuu duu duuud uuuu duuu duuu duuuu - scarey tune

    Thought you were doing the darth vader theme music for a second! :eek:

  • Gahhh, I was TRYING not to be nerdy. Would it make you happy if I said I had them all on CD :weed:

  • what was the emporers theme tune in return of the jedi called?

    Probably somthing dull like "emporers theme from return of the jedi"

  • Quote from Roach

    On the condition you copy the CDs for me, yes ;)

    Your trying to make me expose my inner nerd AND break the law now :whistle:

  • Quote from Golaf

    satan is actually the planet saturn

    Don't let George Bush know that, or he'll send the entire army over there - probably without spacesuits knowing him.