Pros and cons of part time?

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  • I've found a job vacancy for the Open University, supporting a group of users with their IT stuff. It all looks good, with stuff I have some experience or qualifications in and decent pay (17k starting).

    Thing is, I've just had another look and found it's part time - 18 hours a week.

    Me being me, I'm starting to wonder about the drawbacks to doing part time work. I've already seen that the shifts can change from week to week, and I'll probably be ok with that...but I'm concerned about daft things like how this might mean if it were full time it'd be a £30k job, which says to me that they're looking for someone with more skills and experience than I have.

    Any thoughts? Am I worrying over nothing? :/

  • is it 17k pro-rata?
    look into thst first and foremost.
    if it's 17k for 18hrs, i would take it, there will probably be opportunity to do more hours and may lead to another opening..........good luck!

  • is it 17k pro-rata?

    Yes it is...I have to confess I don't know what that means. I looked it up but still can't figure it out :/

    (edit) Just found a site that explains it better. So I guess I'd be earning half of what they said. Do these things have any chance of opening up into a full time thing? :/

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  • yes, basically pro- rata is what it would be if it were full time, and you get paid for the hours you do..........there's probably more to it than that but that's about the size of it.
    in my experience part time often can lead to more, but it is by no means definite, and they will not be obliged to give you any more than your contracted hours, however if you are already in the company you will have opportunities to apply for internal vacancies that could be much better for you.
    it all depends on how much you need to earn and how suitable for you the job is.........

  • One thing to watch is that I believe they are changing the minimum hours for working tax eligibility, as in increasing the hours you have to do before you qualify from sixteen hours a week up to maybe 25, though I'm not sure exactly.

  • Go for it, I'd say. There's other perks to working for the OU too, I believe, like free courses, and you might be able to find other work to fill in the gaps :)

  • I would also say go for part time work. It helps to give you an edge over other candidates going for full time jobs because you have current experience. If going for similar sorts of jobs you can use your experience working part time as examples of using the skills they are looking for.

  • Thing is I already work full time, just looking to move on. :/

    Sometimes you have to move sideways to move forwards

    If the job that's part time offers you a chance to develop your skills in an area you want to move into, then it could be a good option, particularly if the space you're in at the moment feels dead-end to you.. only a thought!