My caravan needs a new home

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  • i need to sell my lovely caravan Queenie cos she has no where to live any more :(

    Shes a sprite musketeer from 1980 something, shes a 4 berth with a double bed at each end, lots of cupboard/wardrobe space. gas works but we are suspicious of a leak so i would definitely recomend getting it looked at if you want to use it. i just put a cooker n gas bottle on top and didnt use the caravan cooker. fridge does work but makes a handy cold cupboard. sink and water works, the whale pump doesnt seem to work but the like manual foot pump does so all is good there. damp wise - i think shes fine but theres a possibility theres a lil bit of damp in one corner under one of the benches but im not sure. i dont think its really a problem n she definitely doesnt smell damp or anything. i could talk about her for ages but i wont bore you now, if you wanna know anything just ask, i lived in her so i know her very well :)

    id like £150 for her and would love to keep her in the family cos i know shes amazing and deserves to be loved. Shes in somerset at the mo, near frome/radstock.

    i have a picture of her (its only from the back though) but i have forgotten how to upload pictures again.

  • i found a picture! this is her at beautiful days on a bit of a hill! oh and i forgot to say shes 14 ft long, 17 ft including the tow hitch :)

  • Hiya, does she still have cupboards etc? Jo and Jerry are looking for a new caravan as the walls are coming away on theirs. I will go and pace out theirs to see if it is 14 or 16 foot. Is it tidy inside? Response time from them will be slow as they are in South America for the winter. A xxx

    "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well" Mother Julian of Norwich

  • have found a buyer, if for some reason it doesnt work out il let you know though. still has cupboards, and wardrobe and everything. all that is tide. wall around one window is peeling due to previous damp and there is damp marks around another window but its just like visual damage, its got no damp there now.