Work opening times?

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  • Quick question. Say a company's staff start work at 8am. Is the company obligated to open their office any amount of time in advance of this?

  • as long as they are paying you and its warm enough outside they dont have to open at all. any welfare legislation would only apply during working hours. however health and safety laws may apply when you are on the premises. so this may depend of you are waiting on their land. e.g.a carpark or a public pavement.

  • We tend to open before official starting times but - as Graham says - health and safety concerns come in to play especially with lone working whilst operating machinery and the like....I don't know if there's an obligation to open early.

  • it would make good business sense if the firm opened up before the offical start time.

    i am expected to be ready for work at the start time
    However if the start time is the same as the opening time they cant expect you to be ready to start as you must have to take your coat off ect.

  • Cheers everyone :)

    The problem is exactly as Winter said - the guy who opens up arrives at 8am on the dot (sometimes later, occasionally a couple of minutes earlier). Leaves us with bugger all time to get ready - I've sometimes had to run over and answer the phone immediately, still wearing my hat, coat and with my bag on my back. I must look an odd sight. :/

  • Perhaps this is an obvious reply but your firm is doing itself no favours here.
    Pretty much everyone needs a bit of time to gear up for the day whether it's getting out of rain clothes , firing up machinery or even down to just getting a coffee , etc..
    I'm quite amazed that no-one opens up earlier to allow for this :eek:
    Do have to say that some do take the piss mind. One of ours guys used to come into the office, clock in and then go park his car!!!!