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  • On Friday I attempted to take my own life. I tried to take my own life due to my dependency on cocaine. I ended up being found by the police in a field near to my home. I was taken to the hospital where I was assessed by the mental health team and the nurses and sent home with my mum.

    I have moved home where I am trying to recover from what I tried to do and piece my life back together slowly. I ended up in debt and am struggling to conquer the addiction. I am seeking help from drug addiction groups and my family. I haven't told anyone about this. Only work knows I had taken an overdose. I just felt the need to vent.


    You shut your mouth. How can you say I go about things the wrong way? I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does

  • it`s so sad that one so young has to think that death is the only escape.. I`m glad you were found, i`m also glad you have admitted your addiction, and are seeking help... there is always hope..
    It will be a struggle, any addiction is tough to beat....
    Here`s to your success, and i do think you will be successful at beating this thing.
    Good luck. x

  • Im really sorry to hear this hun, as Jan said, it is so sad that someone so young feels the need to try and escape this world when there is so much to live for. I don't know about drug addiction personally, and I'm sure other people will be along shortly to give you advice about that but all I will say is the forum and everyone on here is here if you need to vent/rant etc :hug:

  • Sounds like you'd benefit from a bit more than just "positive vibes" - sounds like you'd benefit from a complete lifestyle transplant.

    Who are the "addiction groups", how badly do you want to live (if you could be happy), and how badly do you want to be clean?

  • Hey Tom,
    missed you x
    you may not know this or feel this tight now
    but we have,
    n its so gd to see you back posting
    very sad but also very positive to read what you are posting.
    positive because you are still here to post :hug:

    biggest of hugs man.
    Give it your all n get through this.
    Theres a few of us on ere directly affected by suicide,suicide attempts and the living nightmare each day is at that time
    because of addictions and the consequences of those addictions
    that will know how hard it was for you to post that n if you really mean you wanna beat the addiction ,then beat it n therll be freinds around to help you.

    right ere right now theres another thred on ere written by someone who's currently experiencing so much pain because of that S word you attempted the other day :(
    i dunno if reading that ladys words n thred might help you see

    just how much hurt is left behind after suicide...(to those of us still living that is.)
    n just how many ppl there are out there who will help if you let them n if u really want the help.

    i for one am here with open ears n arms if you want them mate
    but only if you really really do want to change things.

    i have my own personal reasons for this which i will share via pm if you like

    so thankful your home n safe Tom
    much love
    n many many positive healing and stay the
    fuk away from coke vibes


  • i am so very sorry that you have got to sucha low point, but so very glad you were found.

    this does not have to be a shameful thing, rather the turning point in your life.

    i lost my sons father, my exhusband to suicide last friday, the same day as you, he suceeded very violently, and the devastation left behind is immense. there is life beyond addiction, i know it only too well.

    let these good people give a helping hand. and please, cling to life with all the strength you have, you only gfet one and it is so very precious a thing.

    lots of positive vibes coming your way. please, take time to heal and remeber there is more strength in you than you can ever imagine, it is in all of us deep down, we just got to find it.xxx

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.