Whats your favourite memory/experience in you van,yurt,trailer,boat....?

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  • Following from 100waves post

    Whats your favourite memory/experience in you van/yurt/trailer/boat?

    Mine was getting up on a spring morning in Devon, brilliant sunshine, mist down below in the valley so it was like being on a a small island in the sky. No sounds other than birds tweeting and the kettle on the burner. First cup of tea in the morning with sun on your face lovely....

  • Pulling up at the trevstock gathering 2 years ago in the 609 that I'd just finished putting beds in. She slept five without having to fold anything out or up and there were still four seats. Come bedtime, anyone who wanted to just climbed into bed. Bliss! Also parking up at a campsite overlooking Robin Hood's bay on another family outing.

  • Rare perfect weekends on site when someone would be playin some tunes outta their rig or trailer n then someone else would take over n then someone else would take over.. there was never any competitiveness when it happened :)

  • I also used to love the morning trip to the portaloo... just seein who was up from the strength of the whisp of smoke comin outta the chimbleys n the best mornings was when the top of the field had dissapeared in fog..

  • Lighting my stove one chiily summer eve, saying hello to some people walkin past lookin at the smoke risin whilst i picked up some litter, then went for a run and coming back down the hill i could see trundle chuffin away :D when i arrived back there was 6 fresh dirty eggs on the door step :D woke next morn and had best poached egg on toast ever!!!!! closely followed by meeting lots of wonderfull ippys at various gatherings :D

  • when driving through sweden 4/5 years ao parked up by the side of a lake in a forest, woke up early morning van shaking and rocking,twas a moose scratching his self on corner of my van, while his mate was paddling nearby. Started van and left quickly,dunno who was more shocked me or mr moose

  • looking out all the windows n door and seeing christmas trees out of every one... with snow on. i had my own little narnia :)

  • Walking up the lane up the farm in wales one frosty morning and the smoke from all the various chimneys was drifting across with shafts of sunlight making everything stripy and it was so stunningly beautiful I just sat and stared.

    Sitting on my doorstep at a festival watching all the marquees going up. It was really warm and I was just realising that I didn't want to be anywhere else in the world apart from where I was.

    Ukhippy gathering in the New Forest in 2007 (?) and it pissed with rain so we held the whole gathering in my bus, had the burner going and it was well cosy.

    So many more I can't even think of them right now, but those were the first that sprang to mind

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

  • I have only had my van just over two weeks but so far the most memorable time was waking up in Glencoe after a cold night and seeing the surrounding mountains covered in snow. Was very spectacular.

  • many years ago - driving to the beach across romney marsh in kent in fog so thick we had the sliding doors open and were following the white line in the middle of the road because we couldnt see past the end of the bonnet. several hours to drive 10 miles at walking pace.