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  • ok all you nomads!! in the event of a planned breakdown what do you look for?
    I ask this because trundle has a suspect head/head gaskit so today i parked up and removed the head, it goes for testing on monday, but in my situation what would you look for in a place to effect repairs?
    Im on a nice flat dead end road, just passed a level crossing with a river on the otherside, said railway is a steam railway and this weekend the tornado is running which is a brand newly buit steam locomotive, will get pics tomorrow been busy today, im about 5 miles from a performance cylinder head workshop, less than a mile from supermarket, many nice river walks from the door, and a good pub so what sort of place would you park and why? :D

  • Sounds like a well chosen spot. If I just had a relatively small, say one or two day job such as changing kingpins, then I'd park on or next to a suitable Industrial Estate. But for the engine rebuild it was a bit of land on the edge of a forest, owned by the helpful local mechanic...couldn't have chosen better for that one.

  • got to put it all back together before i get to kill the batterys :)

    Rather you than me...I like to keep my 3/4 drive sockets for bearing bashing rather than PSV fettling...

    Good luck with it anyway. I've never heard of a 4 litre Merc suffering from a cracked head, so fingers crossed it's just the gasket...;-)

  • Head is fine, :) being skimmed and having valves re seated and cleaned not heard about injectors yet they hope to test them late today to check for flow before cleaning or rebuilding them