supermarket complaint?

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  • i couldnt work out which forum to put this, please dont lock it :)

    so i bought myself a nice pack of morrisons vegetable samosas yesterday and one of them is lamb. what if i was like allergic, i could have died! ok i know thats extreme but still, i feel like complaining about it. now i got it when i was away from home and i just looked up and my nearest morrisons is over 13 miles away so im not going all the way there, so do i write? and what do i say? thank you :D

  • Ring first, speak to a manager, make a stink - that should be a start. Technically you should be due a refund I imagine because you didn't get what you paid for. Say you can't come into the store because of transport issues. If they aren't helpful then write a letter :)

  • Then write :shrug:

    Include a photocopy of your receipt and lay out the letter roughly along the lines of.....

    FAO The Store Manager
    Dear Sir/Madam
    1. Butter them up. Firstly tell them how much you like their stores normally, how you enjoy the shopping experience, how helpful you find the staff (etc etc)
    2. Explain what's happened and express your disappointment on this occasion. How shocked you were because you're veggie (I'm assuming? Lie if you're not :p) and that you were horrified/upset/whatever. Ham it up (no pun intended).
    3. Explain that although in the past you were happy to shop in their stores now you're not so sure because it seems like they're unreliable and you may have to move your custom elsewhere.
    4. Thank them for considering your complaint.

    And that should be it really.

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  • i used to work for them for some yrs, normally they sort all refunds etc out at custumer services. i should think you have to return the packet....
    i dont know if you could send it to them...

  • i have on ocasion had to complain bout food items and as well as a refund i also got a hamper off one another gave refund and £30 in vouchers, i once got a tin of squirty cream that didn't squirt they sent a huge box with one of each item they made....... passive complaining usualy has a good response as they all want to save face as a happy customer will tell a few friends but a miffed off customer will tell tell as many people as they can. give it a go


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