is the One big smoke demo worthwhile

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  • Hello I'm posting this here because people are discouraged from chatting about protests in that section, but basically I'm attending the One big Smoke demonstaration in Birmingham Nov 6th…-cannabis-demo-Birmingham
    Do people think this is a worthwhile demonstration in 2010, (the south London May day J-day festival and march finished some years ago) or should it be expanded to all smokers considering the treatment they get nowadays -is it too late now the war on smokers in general has begun.
    Is it a good Idea to have a mass break of the law or do you think we will just become truncheon fodder.
    will it just suffer from dope smoker apathy and no one turn up, (I'm just throwing that up as a situation, the facebook page I should add is looking very healthy)
    Should we be promoting people smoking anything, everyone who has dabbled in drugs knows they're not good for you.
    I really would be interested in your thoughts.

  • Used to attend the Smokey Bear's picnic in Hyde park years ago,problem is that a lot of these marches just reinforce the mainstream attitude that all dope smokers are a bunch of weirdos. We need to remove the stigma that surrounds cannabis use,to encourage the 'norms' to speak out.
    I've seen this start to happen in our local rag,last time the issue came up, all we got was the 'drugs are baad' response, recently, after a local bust, the debate was much more,'there's a lot of things that are worse'.

  • im not sure i would promote smoking canabis as such, but the right to smoke it, yes. i wont be going, partly cos im not here but also because i do worry the police will have to be seen to be doing something about it, and that may end up involving violence if people cant keep calm im refereing to protesters as well as coppers).

    for me there is also the fact that while my dad works for the police, i am very aware of the possible problems it could cause him should i be arrested at a pro cannabis demo. what i choose to do in the privacy of my own home is one thing, but to stand out in the street going hey, look at me im breaking the law.....could be very damaging for my family, both in my relationship with him, and for him at work. so this is one demo i choose not to go to.

    i dont think cannabis should be illegal myself, anymore than alchohol or tobacco should be, both highly destructive forces in the worng hands. i think people should be openly educated about its risks and benifits, and be allowed to make up their own damn minds, but i am more concerend with my own life and the impact this demo could have on it than i am with the basic right to smoke it. and of the day its at the thin end of the human rights spectrum and not something that is essential for most poeple to live. if the demo didnt involve openly smoking it i would happily go. im mightliy pissed off that i shoulnd have to fear the consequences of openly having a smoke, or even being around those who are....and why i support those who are going to go and do it, i just got too much at stake personally.

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  • Myself, I don't smoke cannabis never have done even though I've spent most of time in the company of dope smokers since I was about 13 (that's been about 30 years). but I think I should support this demo, and support peoples right to smoke if they want to. I think the whole europe wide smoking ban has more to do with the powers that be's war on dope smoking (a war they were losing, in the area I live before the smoking ban people were openly smoking cannabis everywhere on the high street of towns, every west midlands bus smelt of dope) than it ever was for the nations health. But then again personally I really think they should legalise all drugs.

  • Used to attend the Smokey Bear's picnic in Hyde park years ago,problem is that a lot of these marches just reinforce the mainstream attitude that all dope smokers are a bunch of weirdos.

    Eee gads, I used to photograph those Smokey Bears Picnics for the press, worked in the press office of the Legalise Cannabis Campaign, made a BBC doco about anti-weed propaganda and, do you know blow me down, but its still illegal to obtain, possess and supply the 'evil' weed. You're not wrong about cannabis marchers looking like a bunch of weirdoes, though. Just went through all my old pics and, yup, long-haired weirdoes the lot of 'em. They might make more impact if they cut their hair off and wore suits & ties. Give the rozzers a fit of the willies. "Must not hit people in business suits, does not compute, danger, warning ... fizz, burgle ..."

    Anyhoooo, I did my legalise-it marches in the 1970's and it didn't change a thing. Why bother to legalise it? Just do it quietly where you won't be nicked.

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  • Just had a look at the web-link which goes to a cannabis site based in Northern Ireland. Is it just me or is that slightly bad taste? A Northern Ireland dope allience encouraging dopers from all over the UK to congregate in Birmingham city centre where, in 1974, IRA bombers murdered loads of civilians in city centre pubs. Although you might not see the implications of that unless you lived through those times, especially those times in Birminham, when anyone with an Irish accent got beaten up on general principles because of those bloody murders.
    Just curious, you understand, why is this dope demo being organised from Northern Ireland?

  • Just curious, you understand, why is this dope demo being organised from Northern Ireland?

    You do know that Birmingham has a huge Brummie / irish population, and lots of connections with Ireland. the second biggest st patricks parade in the world (the biggest is in New York apparently), I wouldn't read too much into that,