How do you feel right now? (Part Two!)

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  • Looking to bury this - as it's scaring me - so beware much self pity may lurking within!
    I hate to post when troubled and have little time to express my gratitude to all those who have tried to help someone as iunreachable and fiercely independent as I.
    Please don't think I maudling even though I have to type everything twice because of this trice damned abomination of fruity spellcheck!
    As you can see I am blurting! whatever! I will get to my fear later but perhaps I will dance the macabre a little in order that I tread lightly around my concerns and neatly tie them into the bottle of this spirit. Of which I partake!
    I have a large bowspitter - a tummy spread - therein I make it plain! I am drunk but rarely do I imbibe distiller nor brewed yet but only desire the green leaf lightly quenched in warm liquid.
    Of late a disaster has occurred in that I am allergic yet to this green tea - so I Am much concerned that when I was returned my own stem cells no immunity would ever be mine as was before this disease that racked and damaged my frame.
    Therein again is my fear! I wearisomely believe that this expansion for which I cannot diet less may turn to be some further disease not controlled by previous chemotherapy!
    I have made clear my apathy - I hope I haven't bored too deeply! I may yet hope that further treatment will aid and should convince myself that it is but a six month over indulgence and steroid compulsion that has caused this waistband prominence! I must of course be positively charged upon myself with an attitude of disabusement and not succumb to these negative vapours!
    And so a return to slumbers - in the hope I may dream not yet readily so repetitively. I must rest and hope to have left these concerns where they may be lost and if in some strange way these words have beneficial effect rather than affect - then it has been of worth!

  • Excited, off to the shop for wine yeast, little flat button batteries and a greenhouse............all available in one shop, how wonderful is the land of Wilkies :P I will be able to weigh my plums on my electronic scales and make jam and wine while planning where my new greenhouse will be sited in the hope of tomatoes actually forming and ripening before autumn arrives next year :P .......... fingers crossed they have the little one in stock that is super dirt cheap in the sale

  • totally helpless :(

    Hugs chuck, hope you feel better soon.

    Paul, poor you, I have not mowed a frog for a while, but its is horrible.

    MF :( well gutted the little one that I wanted (down from £120 to £50) are all sold out .............. so I bought some new reading glasses so I can read the bloody adverts better. :(

  • Paul, poor you, I have not mowed a frog for a while, but its is horrible.

    Kez.. it gets worse. :( Got over the shock and went back into the garden. Really being careful and taking my time. 20 mins in and I only goes and does another!!!

    Felt so sick I downed tools and left the job half done. I really gotta find out if there's an optimum time to finish it when maybe the poor li'l hoppers aint hiding.

    Just like mowing lawns with clover in 'em... I mow early morns before the bees are taking an active interest to avoid going over 'em. If anyone has any frog tips i'd be really happy to give it a go.

  • I poke under the bushes before I stick the mower in, that way they have time to escape, even the baby ones make it out of the way. I only used a strimmer once, and got a slug facepack, so gave that away :eek:

  • Prob is i've taken over a large area designed to produce veg, fruit etc. The place went to rack and ruin after the fox got into the chicken coop and the fella lost heart so muggins gotta lick it back into shape.
    Grassed areas are 2ft and rising and very dense so poking sticks aint gonna do it, i'm afraid.

  • Oh no horticultural horrors froggy frights, don't think there is a good time till late autumn
    BK have you tried freebay etc although there is nothing nicer than a fresh greenhouse build, I'm looking at using a poly tunnel sheet to go freestyle, but like the forward planning of the bins.
    JV I hear you send hugs, I know it feels like forever XXX

  • I poke under the bushes before I stick the mower in, that way they have time to escape, even the baby ones make it out of the way. I only used a strimmer once, and got a slug facepack, so gave that away :eek:

    Not nice is it, but believe me it aint as bad as a cat shit one :vomit:

  • Still fired up and ready for a fight....The developers who want to build on the fields near us held a public meeting yesterday evening - I don't know what they were hoping for, but the hatred in that village hall towards could taste it in the air! We put out a lot of posters to raise awareness, and had a huge amount of people turn out to look at the plans - then swear at the developers

    We had people outside gathering names/emails for further petitions etc and picked up hundreds of names - I didn't find one person that wants this development.

    The developer hasn't put in formal plans to the council yet, but we made a lot of useful contacts including several specialists who can help us put together coherant arguments against the plans. The fight is well and truely on!

  • My sister lives in manchester nowadays - and she came all the way down to sunny hampshire to come and swear at the developers. To begin with they wee trying to stand by their display boards and sweet talk the public, by the end they were in a huddle at the end of the hall just talking to themselves. - supposedly 40 affordable homes on the site. Ha! 3-4 1 bed maisonettes then the remaining 2 bed 'affordable' homes are gonna be about 300K :eek:. The rest of the site will be 4-5 bed 500K+ homes:curse: